Thursday, September 23, 2010

M.A.C's Venomous Villains Release Party

Last night my sister and I went to the release party for M.A.C's 'Venomous Villains' collection at our local M.A.C store. I believe M.A.C has these release parties twice a year (one in February and one in September). I got my invitation a couple of weeks ago from a friend who works at M.A.C, but anyone can get an invitation to these events by calling their local M.A.C store.

I had never been to one of these events before, so I was surprised to find out that they actually shut down the store from 7pm-9pm for the party. My sister and I had signed up for the 7pm time spot and had been told not to be late or we would lose our turn to see the collection. We got there 10 minutes early and waited in a roped off line until the event started. In order to get into the event, you had to give them your full name and, if you wanted to have a drink inside, show them your I.D.

The store we went to is quite small and was very crowded. There were several large posters of the different villains around the store and two cutouts of the Evil Queen and Cruela Deville. The entire collection was displayed on a table in the middle of the store, and there were several M.A.C ladies around to help you try out different pieces from the collection. There were raspberry mojitos for those of age (unfortunately I forgot my I.D so I wasn't allowed to have any), a few different little hors d'ouerves and chocolate tarts being passed around on trays. Finally, everyone was given a pen and a piece of paper that contained all of the names of the different products from the collection, so you could check off what you wanted to buy and when you were finished looking, you could hand in your paper and the M.A.C staff would collect up what you wanted and ring through your purchase.

There were so many people around the collection table that we decided to check out the rest of the party first. In one corner of the room, there were two costumes to dress up in. One costume (Evil Queen) consisted of a crown and cape and the other (Cruella DeVille) consisted of a fur coat, long arm length gloves, a wig and a pair of sunglasses. We went over to take a look and before we knew it we had been dressed in the costumes and one of the M.A.C ladies was taking our picture with an old polaroid camera. It was a little embarrassing being the first ones in the costume, but it also made for a good story and picture for this blog.

Once people began clearing away from the main table, we made our way over to the collection and began swatching. I'd seen the collection and all of the swatches on the Temptalia website and surprisingly didn't find much I was interested in. I thought this might change once I actually got to see the collection in person, but, to be honest, there wasn't much I wanted to buy. All of the packaging was really cute, but its appeal was quickly diminished when I found out that the prices of the products in  collection had been raised at least of a couple of dollars from regular M.A.C prices.

In the end, I got two pieces from the entire collection, both from the Evil Queen part of the collection. The first product is a very bright red-coral lipstick called 'Toxic Tale'. I have a lot of coral lipsticks but I couldn't pass this one up because it is so bright, so smooth and super opaque. To be honest I was kind of surprised to see this colour of lipstick in the collection as most of the other lipsticks were darker and seemed more appropriate for fall. The second item I got was 'Bite Of An Apple' blush. The colour of the blush is pretty much an exact match for the 'Toxic Tale' lipstick. Although the blush looks super bright in the package, it actually applies very little colour to the cheek making it more appropriate for fall looks.

Overall the party was really fun and it was awesome being able to see and swatch the collection before it is officially released on September 30th. I think it's so cool that M.A.C and Disney were able to work together and come up with a collection based on some of the most evil villains from past Disney movies and I can't wait to use my new products. To see a list of all of the products in the collection as well as photos and swatches from the new collection, you can click here.

Let me know in the comments below which items you are most excited to get your hands on when the collection hits stores next week.



  1. Love your coverage of the party. I also went to my local MAC for the unveiling event. It was insanely crowded!

  2. I want those 2 exact products as well! Your dress up pic made me smile, yall were good sports :)

  3. I was invited to go but I live 3.5 hrs away from the nearest MAC store. :( Your so lucky to have walked out with a few items from the collection. I'm so jealous.

  4. Oooh, awesome. I really wish they would do stuff like that here. I would love to attend something like that, and it would be a good move for them because I'd be so excited I'd probs buy everything in sight. Lol.

    Looking forward to seeing how the products look on.


  5. how fun! i love MAC's collabos.

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  6. The packaging of those products are soooooo pretty! Love them.


  7. How exciting!
    Your photos made me happy and sad!
    I want to get everything from the collection and have not had the opportunity to get anything yet!

    Great post! :)

  8. looks like you had a amazing time even if it crowded !!! love the things you got lucky girl

  9. this event looks really good, did you have to sign up to something to get on the invite list?

  10. wow, it's great you got to go to the event! Also, love your choice of purchases!!

  11. Can't wait to see this collection in Paris :)

  12. That blush is the first thing from the collection I've seen that I've been tempted to get - I'm a bit underwhelmed by the rest of it! Sounds like you had a lot of fun - love the photo of you two in the costumes hehe x

  13. You are sooooo lucky, this collection looks amazing and i love both mac and disney :)

    Thank you for your comment, it was so sweet <3

    xo Christine

  14. wow those make ups are really good to be in a collection!:D I want it!

  15. I bet you had a great time! Good for you girl! Don't forget to show us how the makeup you got looks! :)

  16. You and I were thinking along the same exact lines! HA! I too went to the party, but wasn't exactly thrilled with the products. I bought the same two products you got!

  17. That sounded so much fun... I guess it will take quite some time for it to arrive here. Hopefully within the first 2 weeks of October!

    Anyways, thank you so much for the lovely comment. I have been enjoying a lot reding your blog too!

    I'll be sending you an email with the skincare recommendations!

  18. Aww thanks for sharing!! I want a lip stick from this collection!

  19. Fun. You're very lucky. I am so excited to be able to see this collection next thursday. xx

  20. AHHH! Your so lucky you got to go and look at this collection. I cant wait to get my hands on it. I want all 4!!! lol. Awesome:) Thanks for sharing Doll

  21. @Kristie….Thanks. Did you get much?
    @BottledBeauty…lol..ya it was kind of a funny picture...i love how my hair is hanging down under the wig.
    @Mara….yikes, that would have been a long drive!!! I
    @Rebecca…It sucks that they don’t do parties like that in Australia (at least for M.A.C)
    @Benches…I love the idea of the collaboration but the products just weren’t that exciting (at least to me)
    @Charming…I love the packaging.
    @Renay…If you can, line up the day they come out…lol.
    @Curves…Thanks, it was a lot of fun.
    @Sugarpuf…I actually know someone who works at my mac and she just gave me the invite when I came in one day..,.but I think you can sign up in store to be on their mailing list and then you get invites.
    @lilooo…Do you know when it comes out there?
    @missy…Ya it sucks that the collection isn’t what everyone expected. I do really like the blush though, I don’t have anything like it.
    @Christine…your welcome!
    @ kaizokumousy….do they have M.A.C where you live?
    @ siwing….it was
    @livelovemakeup….I will definitely be showing them off..thank you!
    @Jackee….thats so funny!
    @BeautyAddict….your welcome, I meant it. Can’t wait for your email.
    @Hershley’s…Which lipstick? The same one?
    @Sunny…Let me know if you do and what you get
    @Ansa…I hope you post about what you get
    @xoxoElizabeth….thats going to cost a lot…:) let me know what you end up getting.

  22. wow that look's amazing, do you know when it is hitting the UK I will have to check their site. I love that you dressed up, loving the wig:P Oh I love what you got, that lippy looks like a lush colour. I love the packaging soooo cute xxxx
    Great post thank's for sharing xxxxx

  23. i want those lipsticks! i think this is really cool! :D

    <3, Mimi

  24. i have been seeing these mac disney colabo and been wanting to check it out!! great photos <3

  25. Lucky girl! I want them as sson as possible:))

  26. want me to be envious of you everyday!!! lol
    You have an award on my blog (^_^)

  27. Sounds like a fun time! I love your costumes!!

    I also adore the packaging of this collection. I love that color of blush you got!

  28. Alicia,

    Unfortunatly i have not tried any more pro long wear products.. I would love to know your thought on them, is there any favs?


  29. WOW that looks pretty funky! I've never tried out MAC before actually, maybe I will.
    visit me:

  30. This party sounds like so much fun! I'm definitely going to watch my local MAC store for the next party the throw!



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