Wednesday, October 06, 2010

FunnyFace Question of the Week #8

Hey Everyone

It seems like the weeks pass by so quickly! Its already time for another question of the week. This week's question is:

Q: What is your favourite beauty trend for fall?

A: I am really loving all of the plum eyeshadow looks we are seeing in magazines. I love creating a really smoky plum eye with plum shadows, a plum or black eyeliner and a plum mascara. 

Let me know what fall trends you are loving in the comment section below. 

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  1. I defo intend on getting some plum coloured eyeshadow at some point, as well as nail varnish to match :)

    I also live the aviator style that is getting popular atm. I've always wanted a bomber/aviator jacket, and now that most fashion stores have them I'm spoilt for choice!


  2. i wouldnt say its a specific trend but im loving being able to get away with smokier eyes lately. ooh and being able to wear greyish nail polishes :)

    kinda tame but i wanted to give my input! x

  3. I prefer bright colours, though I like Chanel's makeup this season (^_^)

  4. Oooh, I should try plum eyeshadow, it sounds so pretty! (:

  5. I used plum eye shadow once. Really brought out my brown eyes.

  6. Omg, I'm rocking those red lips out! I loooove doing it :) It makes me feel confident! ( even tho I'm ''always'' looking in a miror to be sure that they're not bleeding all over my face!! )


  7. @skelly....I love aviator glasses

    @Emma....I love the grey nail polish look and I am loving doing colourful smoky eyes.

    @Becky...i love bright colours too thats why I really like the whole jewel toned trends for fall

    @Reyna...definitely try it. I think maybelline has a quad of smoky plum shadows out right now.

    @thegirlieblog...I found it also really brings out my blue eyes the bright red lips (but bleeding can be a problem). Loving your new profile pic.

  8. I love plum eyeshadows too. Would love to see a post about some of your fave eyeshadows if you haven't already done one. xx

  9. i love purple looks but it doesn't look good on me, i have dark eyes and dark eyebrows so with purple it's just "too" dark.

    i like bronze for fall :)

  10. @Ansa....thanks. i will do that soon!

    @Lily...can u pull off a light lilac purple and just keep it below the crease or even use a purple liner? I love bronze too. All of the jewel tones are great

  11. I love the darker tones, especially in lipstick.

  12. I'm loving the fuchsia and taupes. It's always a classic staple but adds a nice punch to the holiday looks.

  13. over the knee boots.<3333
    i want a bazillion pairs.

  14. I am loving all the smoked out vibrant colors for the eye. When you wear a "POW" sort of eye in such a beautiful sort of season it adds to it wow "ness" love it!

  15. For this fall I am loving to use red glossy lipsticks and nude eyeshadows, I think this look is coming back again after a while.

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  17. I'm dancing with joy seeing all the red lippies out there!

    Frankly, I was fed up with last year's pink craze (My lips don't look good with pink - I'm deathly pale, the contrast makes me appear ill; red, however, makes me look very much alive :D)

  18. I love the plummy trend too, but unfortunately I don't have eyeshadow in the colour. I wish I did.
    Another fall trend I love is the dark lip, looks amazing on fair skin and I can't wait to loose my tan and wear it :)
    Here's a fun fact: since your 300 subscriber giveaway, you've gained 500 more. Congratulations!

  19. For me it has to be Red vibrant lips, I'm a nude/pink gal really but have embraced these look and picked up Toxic Tale in the week and am loving the colour on me! Funny how a shade of lipstick can really change your face! :) x

  20. I love plummy colors!! Plum eyeshadow, plum eyeliner, plum nail polish, plum blush!! It's gorgeous!! :)

    I really like your blog, new follower here! ;)


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