Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Holiday Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hey Everyone, 

I am so excited to finally post my holiday (and 1000 subcribers) giveaway. I have been planning this giveaway for months, and now that all of the prizes have arrived, I can finally share it with all of you. Before I show you all of the prizes up for grabs, I just wanted to thank each and every one one of you for your continuing encouragement and support. It sounds cliched, but when I decided to start this blog, I never thought it would change my life this much and that I would meet so many wonderful people. All of your comments and emails mean so much to me and I thank you for continuing to read my blog. I wanted to show my gratitude to all of you by putting together a giveaway with some of my favourite products. So without further ado, here are the prizes that one lucky subscriber will win:


Part #1: Midnight Artic Makeup Bag

I am so excited that Bonnie from Plaid Poni Designs on etsy was kind enough to donate another makeup bag from her amazing collection. After looking on etsy for a makeup bag to add to my giveaway, I had to go back to Bonnie because I truly believe her bags are the best. After reading all of your comments as to which bag was your favourite, Bonnie and I decided on the Midnight Artic Boxy Bag for this giveaway. With its warm grey background and damask-like print, this bag is really super trendy.

Bonnie began making her own cosmetics bags a year and 1/2 ago, after she noticed that the makeup bags offered in stores were either too expensive, too small or just too ugly. All of Bonnie's bags are big enough to fit your favourite cosmetics, but small enough to pack and travel with. All bags have a zipper enclosure, a handle on the side for easy carrying, and are fully lined with clear vinyl, making them easy to clean and ensuring that the fabric does not get stained or ruined. Bonnie hand picks all of the fabrics herself, ensuring that all of her bags are attractive and fashion forward. To see Bonnie's full collection of adorable makeup bags, click here (The Midnight Boxy Bag is currently on sale for $18.99)

Part #2: Audrey Hepburn 2011 Calendar. 

This 12 month calendar is actually courtesy of my mom. Knowing how much I like Audrey Hepburn, my mom bought this for me as a present for Christmas. Unfortunately, I had already bought one for myself and hung it on my wall. Knowing that FunnyFace Beauty is inspired by Audrey Hepburn my mom asked if I would like to include it in my giveaway. Thanks Mom!

Part #3: Urban Decay's Naked Palette:

It was hard for me to decide which eyeshadow palette I should include in this giveaway. There are so many out there, but I honestly think that the Naked Palette is a great staple for any makeup collection. Urban Decay makes great quality products, and with all of its neutral colours, the Naked Palette allows for hundred of different eyeshadow looks. 

Part #4: Buxom Sidekicks Holiday Set

Buxom mascara has been a favourite for a while now. I have raved about this over and over again on this blog (and on some of your blogs), so I wanted to give you a chance to see just how great this mascara is. This Buxom set also includes two miniature Big & Healthy Lip Polishes in Dolly and Gina.  

Part #5: SJP NYC Perfume and Travalo Refillable Atomizer

SJP NYC is another one of my favourite products. I received my bottle of perfume for my birthday in April and have not stopped wearing it since. This perfume is super fruity and girly and comes in a really cute bottle. I have also included a Travalo Refillable Atomizer which I recently talked about here

Part #6: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar and Loose Colour. 

I fell in love with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics last month at the Toronto IMATS. Wanting to share my love for this Vegan company, I bought two of my favourite products to add to the giveaway:

* "Grandma" Lip Tar: a peachy-pink, fully opaque lipgloss. You seriously only need a pin head sized amount to cover your entire lips.
* "Twirl" Loose Colour: a very shimmery golden pink pigment that is absolutely gorgeous (I'm actually wearing it on my lips today). 

Part #7: M.A.C Rodarte Collection Pigment in "White Gold" (M.A.C Collector's Item)

This shimmering white-gold pigment is a M.A.C Collector's item, as it was part of the never released Rodarte collection (it comes with a Rodarte box and Rodarte packaging). **Just to note, this was part of a charity pack from the M.A.C Warehouse sale, and all proceeds from the package went to both AIDS and Cancer charities**

Part #8: MAC Eyeshadows

*M.A.C's Golden Crown: This eyeshadow was recently released with the holiday 2010 Tartan Tale collection. This gold eyeshadow is super shimmery and perfect for the holiday season. 
* M.A.C's "Family Silver": This mineralized eyeshadow has brown veining running through both a light and dark grey eyeshadow. 

Part #9: M.A.C Lip Products

* M.A.C Lipstick in 'Colour Me Coral': This light pinky-coral frost lipstick fits in perfectly with the 2010 coral lip trend.
* M.A.C Lipglass in 'Corsette': This frosty brown lipgloss is gorgeous with its golden shimmer.
* M.A.C Slimshine Lipstick in 'Gentle Simmer': This peachy-pink moisturizing lipstick was limited edition to M.A.C.

Part #10: Miscellaneous M.A.C Products

* M.A.C Mineralize All-Over Lotion: This lotion is made for both the face and body, and is full of moisture and shimmer. 
* M.A.C Impeccable Brow Pencil in "Taupe": This medium-brown toned eyebrow pencil is perfect for anyone with brown hair (sorry blondes...give it to a friend?)
* M.A.C #188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush: This flat top brush can be used for blending both powder and liquid makeup. 

Part #11: Miscellaneous

*eos Lip Balm in 'Sweet Mint': This super moisturizing lip balm is both uniquely packaged and super moisturizing. I know a lot of you can't get these where you live, so I wanted to give you a chance to own one. 
*Forever 21 Double Sided Nail Files: These nails files are duo sided and super cute. One side is purple with red hearts and the other side is full of pink glitter. 


***Please read all rules, I really don't want to disqualify anyone, but it's hard to count entries when someone hasn't followed all of the rules so please read them. Just so you know if you post your entries in separate comments, all entries will be placed together in my excel spreadsheet***

1) You must be a subscriber to my blog (If your subscriber name is different from the name shown on your comment please let me know so I don't discount your entries). Also, please no Anonymous comments. 

2) Please leave your email address at the bottom of your comment so I can contact you if you win. 

3) This contest is international, anyone from anywhere can win. 

4) The giveaway will run for 3 weeks and end January 11th, 2011 


There are several ways to enter. You can do all of the following to earn 20 entries in total. Please let me know which things you have done in your comment so I can properly count your entries (if you want to count them for me, that's awesome too!)

1) Mandatory Entry: Tell me what your favourite beauty product for 2010 is (counts for 1 entry) 

2) Visit Bonnie's Etsy Shop (Plaid Poni Designs) HERE and let me know besides the midnight arctic bag, which makeup bag design is your favourite (counts for 2 extra entries)

3) Follow me on twitter here. Leave your twitter name in the comment section below (counts for 1 extra entry) **If you want to post about the giveaway on twitter, it would be very much appreciated, but I am too technologically challenged to keep track of it, so it won't count for an extra entry**

4) Post my giveaway in your sidebar. Include the picture at the top of this post. Leave the link in the comment section (counts for 3 extra entries)

5) Write a post about my giveaway in your blog. Include the picture at the top of this post. Leave a link in the comment section below (counts for 5 extra entries). **You can do a post and a sidebar for 8 entries total**

6) Make a video about my giveaway. Leave a link in the comment section (counts for 8 extra entries)

I know this seems like a lot of rules and information, but I really do want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance of winning. 

Thank you again for being such amazing subscribers. I hope you all have a great holiday season. I am really looking forward to blogging in 2011. Good Luck!!



  1. enter me pleaseee i love it!!!
    - My favourite beauty product for 2010 is cream eyeliner black elf
    - I'd say my favourite make up bag is the chocolate dots on pink.
    - i post your giveaway in my blog:

    mail adress: isita2412@hotmail.com

  2. 1) Fave product of this year is Lush's angel on bare skin :)

    2) Pink Candy Stripe Bag is very pretty!

  3. Awesome giveaway!! Enter me, please.

    Followed via GFC as * Amigas makeup *
    My email is: amigasmakeup@hotmail.coml

    My favourite beauty product of 2010 is mac mineralize

    My favourite bag from Bonnie's Etsy Shop is Pink Petals Boxy Bag.

    I follow you on Twitter: *Amigas Makeup*

    I post your giveaway in my sidebar:

    Thank you!!! kisses

  4. Enter me please
    My favourite product of 2010 is for sure Turkish Delight lip gloss from Nars.
    I took a peek and i love Spider Boxy Bag Med from Etsy.
    I blogged about your giveaway here:Spider Boxy Bag Med
    Follwer name is Amalia and e-mail:metropole_insomnia@yahoo.com

  5. Hello! Nice giveaway!
    1. fav product of 2010 was archetype eyeshadow pigments
    2. My favoourite makup bag from her is St. John Caribbean Boxy Bag Sm
    3. I followed you in twitter and my name there is muskin5

    My email: helen.koit@gmail.com

  6. My favorite beauty product of 2010:
    Dior Liquid Liner.

    I post your giveaway in my sidebar:

    I follow you on twitter:

    I like the embroidered red flower box of the Bonnie's Etsy Shop.

    Xandra (my nick)


  7. Hi!

    GFC Follower here: MsBubu!

    1. My favorite product is any Nails Inc London Nail polish I can get! They have nice colors and I like their names (I’m a sucker for names, don’t name your lipstick 169!) 1 entry

    2. My favorite one is: Pink Candy Stripes Medium sized 2 entries

    3. MsBubu26 1 entry

    4. I posted on my sidebar: http://msbubuandhergirlyness.blogspot.com 3 entries

    5. I posted here: http://msbubuandhergirlyness.blogspot.com/2010/12/funnyface-beauty-holiday-giveaway.html 5 entries

    6. I made a video: http://www.youtube.com/user/MsBubu26?feature=mhum#p/u/0/d44UTjeRnKc 8 entries

    Grand total of 20 entries!

    Msbubu26 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thank you so much this is the greatest giveaway I have seen yet!!!!

  8. My favorite product has to be the Viva la Juicy perfume :)
    2) I really like the Blue Robin Boxy Bag Med
    3) Im following you on twitter

    My email is sarah.rotenberg@gmail.com

  9. My favorite beauty product of 2010 would be the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I adore it to the maximum.

    The other make up bag I love is the Chocolate Dots on Pink boxy bag med. It's sooo adorable. I'm a sucker for pink items. =)

    I also blogged about the giveaway and posted in on my sidebar:



    I follow u on twitter and my id is iambunny86 =)

    Great giveaway again! Thanks for holding it...

    Happy Holidays!


  10. Hi, I follow on GFC with bluonmyown and on Twitter with OanaGF,my favourite product on 2010 is the Orgasm blush, I really like the Chocolate Dots on pink boxy bag. and my mail bluonmyown@yahoo.com

  11. wonderfull ,


  12. Hello!
    i follow via GFC:unika and my email :dobindatatiana@yahoo.com

    1. my favorite 2010 beauty product is mac's mineralize foundation.

    2.Bonnie's Etsy, my favorite makeup bag: Spider Boxy Bag Med :)

    3.I follow you on twitter under the name @unika83


  13. Hello Alicia! Thanks for having this awesome giveaway - please enter me! :)

    I follow you publicly through GFC by the name Rentu

    My favorite 2010 beauty product is Maybelline chai latte quad
    I posted your giveaway on my sidebar. Blog link: http://loveyourwoes.blogspot.com/

    My favorite bag on the etsy site is the Chocolate Dots on Pink box

    My email is: annie.john7@gmail.com

  14. Hi!
    I follow your blog with the name RaquelA.

    1) My Favourite product of 2010 was Lash Stiletto Mascara, by Mabelline.

    2) St. John Caribbean Boxy Bag

    3) i follow your twitter under the name @QQuelly

    4) I put this on my side bar (http://live_in_high_heels.blogs.sapo.pt/)

    5) Posto about your giveaway : http://live_in_high_heels.blogs.sapo.pt/4744.html

    ps- I use my sapo.pt blog because the blog on my blogspot account isn't ready yet, not in use. therefore, used the blog with more visits and more easily accessible for that.

  15. Hi! Wonderful giveaway, thank you!I'm from Spain.

    - I'm a follower. Nick: Raquelita.
    - Favourite product of 2010: Mac's Mineralize foundation.
    - Favourite bag from Bonnie's Etsy Shop: The spiral box bag. It's perfect.
    - Email: rpelegrin86@hotmail.com
    - Blog: http://moda-en-la-calle.blogspot.com/ (I have done a post and a sidebar on the left)

    Total: 11 entries.

    Kisses and good luck for the rest!

  16. Please Enter Me!
    1. My favourite product was the paintpot of mac (Bare Study)
    2. Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag Med.
    3. I follow you on twittwe under de name @NataliaGlezCerd
    4 and 5. http://nataliaglezcerd.blogspot.com/2010/12/concurso-funnyface-beauty.html

    E-mail: nataliaglezcerd@hotmail.com

    Thanks for all!

  17. Hello!!

    Nick: Chiky

    E-mail: hbd_malaga_05@hotmail.com

    My favourite beauty product of 2010 is Mac Full Fuchsia lipstick.

    My favourite make up bag is the Spiral Boxy Bag Med.

    Follower on Twitter: Tinkerbelchiky

    Posted in sidebar: http:// http://tinkerbelchiky.blogspot.com

    Post about giveaway: http://tinkerbelchiky.blogspot.com/2010/12/concurso-de-funnyface-beauty.html

    (Total 12 entries)

    Thank you for amazing opportunity!
    Merry Christmas

  18. Hey Alicia!! I thought I entered, but I searched through all the comments, and I guess I didnt?? lol..

    I've been a follower and my email address is siwing38@gmail.com

    (+1) I have so many fav products, but I guess I love my Rock and Republic blush in Bedroom.. It's a matte pink.. (my first matte blush) and I love it !!

    (+2) Hehe I know you've featured the Pink Candy Stripe one in your previous giveaway and I love that one.. I also love the Chocolate Dots on Pink bag =) Brown and pink go amazing together !!

    (+1) I've been a twitter follower too !! ^_^ @siwing38

    (+3) I've posted your giveaway on my sidebar =) siwing38.blogspot.com

    Thanks for having this giveaway!! I really want that Naked palette =DDD hehe good luck to all !

  19. Thanks for this Great Giveaway!

    Favourite Beauty Product for 2010
    Health Mix Serum by Bourjois

    Favourite Bonnie's Etsy Ship:
    St John Caribbean Boxy Bag Sm

    Twitter Follower: @vintage_lady

    Published on my Baby Face's blog sidebar
    Published on my Baby Face's blog entry:

    VintageLady nick on Blogger

  20. hi, enter me!
    1. i am following ur blog.
    2. my favourite beauty product of 2010 is maybelline color plush silk eyeshadow in sapphire siren.
    3. i like the yellow butterfly boxy bag.
    4. im following u on twitter.

    my email id,

  21. It´s a wonderfull giveaway!!!
    My favority product 2010 is the gloss of Chanel
    My favority bag 2010 is a LV brown
    I follow you in this blog
    La Coruña (SPAIN)
    Sorry my english is very bad!!
    A kiss for you and thank you verey much and HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

  22. Hi!! Amazing giveaway!!
    My nick in blogger is FRJZARA and I follow you on twitter under the name @FRJZARA. My mail is frjzara@gmail.com.
    My favourite beauty product for 2010 is MAC Eyeshadow Satin Taupe.
    My favourite bag is (only one??)Pink Petals Boxy Bag Me.
    Happy New Year!!!

  23. This is amazing, thanks for being so kind!!

    Mi nick is Martah.

    My favourite product of this year is the Perfect Stay lip tint by Astor.

    My favourite bag from your fiend is Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag Med.

    I put a link on my sidebar ;)


  24. Enter me please

    I´m post your giveway en my sidebar
    My best producto of 2010 are urban decay razor sharp and mac viva glam cindy

    The most beautiful is http://www.etsy.com/listing/52464167/st-john-caribbean-boxy-bag-med

  25. Wow!!! This is an awesome giveaway!!! :))
    I follow your blog with my twitter account, ctfdez

    My favourite beauty product for 2010 is MAC studio fix powder…I love it! (1entry)

    I went to Bonnie’s Etsy Shop, and my favourite makeup bag design is Red Poppies Boxy Bag Med!!! (2 entries)

    I’m also following you on twitter! (My name is ctfdez) (1 entry)


  26. Great giveaway:)

    My favourite beauty-product this year:
    A brow set incl. brow gel and powder
    (1 entry)
    My favourite from Bonnie's Etsy shop:
    the Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag
    (2 extra entries)

    My e-mail:

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  27. Wow!! This giveaway is awesome!! Please Enter me! =D

    My email is: immapink87@hotmail.sg

    1) My favorite product of 2010 has to be OCC Lip Tar, so many colours to choose from and best of all more colours can be achieve by mixing! Super pigmented & long lasting! A little goes a long way! LOVES! (+1)

    2) My favorite bag from Bonnie’s Esty shop is Spiral Boxy Bag! Love the combi or bright yellow and black spiral!(+2)

    3) I have posted about your giveaway in my blog post: http://honeycandyzchillz.onsugar.com/FunnyFace-Beauty-Holiday-Giveaway-13001166(+5)

    4) I followed u on twitter, my nick: ImmaPink (+1)

    THANK U! =))

  28. -My favourite beauty item this year is my MAC 187 brush! (1 entry);
    -My favourite cosmetic bag is the Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag Med (2 entries);
    -I'm following you on twitter @MiaDimples (1 entry);
    -My blog post http://alittlebitofeverything-blog.blogspot.com/2010/12/funnyfacebeauty-giveaway.html (5 entries);
    -My video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB5t1g65AuU (8 entries)

    Total entries: 17
    e-mail: alittlebitofeverything-blog.blogspot.com

  29. Hi :)

    Sara P. , my blog'name Saralafrancesa

    My favorite product 2010 is bourjois mascara effet liner :)


  30. Hello! nice to meet you:) i would like to participate...well my favourite beauty product of 2010 was My Maybelline satin dream and Yves Saint Laurent mascara! I follow you on twitter under the name nushkabcn...i posted your giveaway on my sidebar.http://befashionbeglamour.blogspot.com
    i am from spain and my e-mail:nushkabcn@yahool.es
    Thank you for this great giveaway.HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  31. Awesome giveaway!
    I am following you via GFC under the name Carole Petci.
    My favorite beauty product for 2010 is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.
    My favorite makeup bag is Blooming Redwood Boxy Bag.
    My e-mail: carolepetci@gmail.com

  32. hi, thanks for this contest is great!

    my mail is melocoton.precoz@gmail.com, i´m following you in twitter, i´m melocoton-precoz :).

    My favourite product of this year is the mac blush dollymix, the colour is amazing and i love it.

    And my favovourte bag is Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag Med.


  33. Please enter me!
    My nick is Maribel F. and my e-email es mfuentes1987@gmail.com
    My favourite beauty product is ''Coralista'' from Benefit.
    My favourite makeup bag design is ''Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag Med'', it's cute!
    My twitter name is emediterraneo

    Thank you!!

  34. Cute giveaway ^__^.

    Am a follower :D (name = a!k0)
    Favorite product of 2010 is my Uptown Vision lipgloss in beauty buzz.
    Am loving the Blooming Redwood Boxy bag.
    Followed you on twitter (http://twitter.com/cicio_0)
    Posted about the giveaway on my sidebar and blogged :)

    Email: cairoPheonix@gmail.com

    Happy new year!



  35. Hi! :D

    Awesome giveaway!

    My favourite beauty product for 2010 is sephora's primer (it's makes my foundation stay on longer *.*) (1 entry)

    Besides the Midnight arctic bag, my favourite is the spider boxy bag :D (extra 2 entries)

    Followed you on twitter by @ThirstySam17 :) (extra 1 entry)

    email: samanthamatos@hotmail.com

    Thank you! :D

    Happy New years!*

  36. Hi Alicia..

    Congrats on your 1000 followers! I hope to achieve that many, if not half that some day! Really inspiring :)

    Please enter me.
    Sara - bazaz_teez@hotmail.com
    http://eyeseeyouuu.blogspot.com (might change my url in the future :S undecided :S)

    1- My fav. beauty product of 2010 is my Physicians formula little gel cream liners. They are fairly long lasting and a little goes a long way. You get three colours for only about 15$! I think they are comparable enough to mac paint pot. I personally love them and everytime I go to buy another set, they're all gone!

    2 - I really love the Embroidered Red Flower Boxy Bag. Love the colour coordination and simplicity of it, really feminine. :)

    4 - posted! Please visit my blog :)

    5- posted! Please visit my blog :)

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  37. congrats on reaching 1k subscribers!

    1. in 2010, i fell in love with Maybelline The Falsies mascara <33

    2. i lalalove the spiral boxy bag. yellow&black=<33

    3. twitter; akashiaholic

    4. sidebaar blog @ http://clarissa-nicole.blogspot.com/

    5. blogged about @ http://clarissa-nicole.blogspot.com/2010/12/blogger-giveaway-funnnyface-beauty.html

    my total entries: 12

  38. 1.) My absolutely favorite product of 2010 is the Maybelline Collosal Mascara.

    2.) Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag Med is my favorite super cute!

    3. I'm following you on twitter name Cheetokisses

    My email address is Dianaroks311@aol.com and i follow you by blogger Cheetokisses blogspot

  39. ^ sorry, i forgot my email. its clarissrey@aol.com

  40. 1) My favorite beauty product for 2010 would be Revlon One-Step Complexion Compact. haven't looked back at their liquid foundie eversince (counts for 1 entry)

    2) i think u asked this in yr previous giveaway too. i still like Spiral Boxy Bag Med. and also Pink Candy Stripe & Spider Boxy
    (counts for 2 extra entries)

    3) Twitter Name: idddy
    (counts for 1 extra entry)

    4) Blog Link: http://mashmyface.onsugar.com
    (counts for 3 extra entries)

    5) Post Link: http://mashmyface.onsugar.com/FunnyFace-Beauty-My-Holiday-Giveaway-13008309
    (counts for 5 extra entries).

    Total Entries: 12
    E-mail: dalya08@gmail.com

    thanks Alicia. this giveaway is very generous!

  41. 1)My fave beauty product for 2010 is Laura Merciers Tinted Moisturizer! It moisturizes and gives my face a flawless, non cakey finish :)

    2) I really love the pink spider boxy bag from Plaid Poni Designs, pink is my fave color :)

    3) I followed you on twitter! My username is phoebee_x

    Thanks! <3

  42. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway! Your blog is really cool :)

    My favourite beauty product of 2010 is...e.l.f. studio line make-up brush set! I just found out about this brand this year and I love them!

    My favourite Bonnie/Etsy cosmetic bag is the Pink Petals Boxy Bag Med.

    And I followed you on Twitter! My twitter name is Aharb013.

    So that's a total of 4 entries! Thanks again :)

    My e-mail address is ax_harbulik@laurentian.ca

  43. This is an amazing giveaway! Seriously too generous....hahahaa
    Anyways I'm a new follower!(=

    Fave beauty product: Sounds weird but my acne prescription-Epiduo! Saved my skin this year(=

    Fave makeup bag design!: Blooming Redwood Boxy Bag Med [Prettty! I've never heard of Etsy until now...you got me hooked!(;]

    Also I've posted about the giveaway in my sidebar!(=


  44. Hey I followed your blog: Isis Imani(Google)

    My Email is:jillianharrison@ymail.com

    YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hjWisROXlM

    Twitter Name(I followed): @Isis_Imani

    My Favorite Beauty Product For 2010: http://www.philosophy.com/skincare-treatments/the-microdelivery-enzyme-peel-product

    My Post: http://lovablecrowd.blogspot.com/2010/12/funnyface-beautys-givaway.html

    Check My Sidebar: http://lovablecrowd.blogspot.com/

    Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/50708479/pink-candy-stripe-boxy-bag-med

  45. Amazing giveaway!!!

    I follow you on GFC under this name Nau. My email is nauzet.reina@gmail.com

    1) Fav beauty product of 2010 was Superbalanced Clinique Foundation

    2. Hummingbird box medium.


  46. Amazing giveaway!
    My email is mariajo.pr@gmail.com
    My favourite product are the Sleek palettes and the makeup bag I love is Pink Petals! It's so colourful!

  47. Amazing :)
    I'm from portugal.

    - I follow you on GFC under the name raindropblog
    - My favourite beauty product is Roséliane - Uriage.
    - I follow you on twitter under the name inesmourapinto
    - I posted about this giveaway and also put in the sidebar - http://raindrop.blogs.sapo.pt/71323.html

    My e-mail is raindropblog@hotmail.com

  48. congratulations on your 1000 followers!!

    my GFC name is emmabeans

    my favourite beauty product for 2010 is Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. Only discovered it at the end of August but it's incredible

    I really like the red poppies medium boxy bag, which I think was my choice in your last giveaway (when mine gets tattered I really need to get one!)

    my twitter name is emmabeans, am following you.

    i also included a link in my sidebar:

    my email is emmabeans89@hotmail.co.uk

    thank you for the opportunity to enter, very generous of you x

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  50. Hey there, I decided to make it easy on you! ;-)

    (1 pt) My fav product of 210 would have to be Revelons Photo ready foundation.. I absolutely love it! I use it all the time.. I will try something else out then go right back to it! it has great coverage! I loooooooove it!

    (2 pt) On Etsy I really love the Sprial Boxy Bag its soo cute!

    (1 pt) My twitter is http://twitter.com/#!/NativeHunny

    (8 pts) Posting about your giveaway and putting a picture into the sidebar!

    in total (12 entries)

    email: twistedness_69@hotmail.com

  51. Hello.i am following you as madalinasiescu and my mail is madalinasiescu@yahoo.com
    my favourite product of the year is elf complexion perfection palette.

  52. Awwweeesome giveaway. Im a brand new Audrey fan, since i've never seen before her movies untill a few months ago.I dont have any good cosmetics(i mean from good brands)so i would looove to win and overcoat id love to receive a package from USA=)(Im from Spain), i love to receive stuff from other countries. About my favourite product of 2010 ill say a product that is new for me in 2010 because i didnt proove it before, and its Garnier Nutritionist Cafeína Roll-On Ojos(for the ring under my eyes i dunno if it said like that in english), im very happy with the results.About the bags actually midnight artic is my favourite but if i'd have to choose another one...Hummingbird.My twitter is HaDaLyRodriguez and im following you.I do not have a blog right now so i cant make a post :(.And about the video what a shame,im to shy for that lol.
    Follower nick: HaDa

  53. Sorry, what a shame i said id love to receive a package from usa , i meant Canada(which is by the way my fav.country, and my fav.music band is from Montreal), sorry, sorry, sorry, it was a lapsus.

  54. I follow your blog.

    My favourite beauty product in 2010 was the genious MAC "Naked lunch" eyeshadow.


    name: Nina
    Country: Germany

  55. hey...well i never knew i can subscribe to a blog:))..always got them into my bookmarks:))
    well my most loved product of 2010 is Too Faced Glamour To Go, maybe because it is the last one i got:)):))
    and it may be the Urban Decay's Naked Palette but in our side of the country it never showed up on sephora....
    p.s. sorry about my bad english

  56. Hi!I'm following you as Bia'a.

    1entry. My favorite beauty product for 2010 is a perfume - Le Paradis de Nina by Nina Ricci.I believe that a perfume is also a beauty product,it makes you feel confident and beautiful.

    2 entries. I love all the designs,but I love the most the one called Chocolate dots on Pink Boxy Bag,it looks yummy!

    3 entries. I posted your giveaway in the sidebar: http://biasaysmakeup.blogspot.com/

    5 entries. I posted about your giveaway: http://biasaysmakeup.blogspot.com/2010/12/alicias-giveaway.html

    1+2+3+5= 11 entries

    email: biasaysno[at]yahoo[dot]com

  57. Such a nice giveaway! Thank you!
    I follow you as Carmenesque.
    1.) my favorite product is MAC Technakohl liner in Graphblack. (1 entry)
    2.) This is my fave: http://www.etsy.com/listing/61248920/midnight-arctic-boxy-bag-med (2 entries)
    3. Following with this account: http://twitter.com/carmenesque (1 etry)
    4.) on my sidebar: http://sminknaplo.blogspot.com (3 entries)
    5.)blogged about it: http://sminknaplo.blogspot.com/2010/12/nyeremenyjatek.html (5 entries)

    Alltogether: 12 entries yayyyy :-) I'm so excited!

    In the very unlikely but most welcomed case I win my email is: carmenesque@live.com

  58. hi
    id like to enter:)

  59. sorry for posting angain but i noticed that it didn't valid my post as a subscriber
    here i post again
    i follow you as ''andra''
    andra said...

    hey...well i never knew i can subscribe to a blog:))..always got them into my bookmarks:))
    well my most loved product of 2010 is Too Faced Glamour To Go, maybe because it is the last one i got:)):))
    and it may be the Urban Decay's Naked Palette but in our side of the country it never showed up on sephora....
    p.s. sorry about my bad english

  60. Hi!!
    I would kill for the Naked Palette lol! My favorite beauty product of 2010 was(and still is) Too Faced Shadow Insurance!My next fave bag would be Pink Petals!!
    Thanks for making my day!
    My email is s_riley1987@comcast.net
    Please please please make my month because my bday is on January 25th and this would be so awesome if I won it.

  61. Amazing!


    I follow you: http://twitter.com/#!/sonia21121991

  62. thanks for such a great giveaway .. the stuff is lovely ... hope to win *fingerscrossed*

    1). Natural Fx Water Based Liquid Foundation & Maybelline Mascara Colossal Volume Express
    2). Sparkle White Boxy Bag - its very elegant and cute ... plus who doesnt like sparkles lol ^_^

    GFC: brownsmoke

  63. Happy New Year!

    1) Fave beauty product of 2010 eh? I would say it's the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation =D Despite mixed reviews, I love how it matches the tone of my face, and not to mention the aura that looks lovely on photographs =D

    2) I visited the Etsy shop and I have to say the reds on the Red Poppies Boxy Bag were really a-popping! Love it!

    3) Followed you on twitter too, (Nickname:eveyweevey)

    If my maths is correct, this should count a total of 4 entries? Haha, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  64. I followed via Gfc : Noniek

    My fav beauty product : Mac msf petticoat
    My makeup bag design : Yellow Butterfly Boxy Bag Med.
    I follow via twitter : noniek99
    I put on my sidebar : http//summer-noniek.blogspot.com


  65. GFC follower: Cee el

    1) Fav product: NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils
    2) Make up bag: Pink Petals

  66. 1. I'm a follower thru GFC (Jennifer Leigh)

    2. Hummingbird bag is my favorite but they are all so cute!

    3. I follow you on twitter (@jensawolverine)

    4. I posted a link in my sidebar: http://echosidestyle.blogspot.com

    My email is jensawolverine@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  67. favourite product of 2010: MUFE duo mat powder
    favourite etsy item: Blooming Redwood Boxy Bag Sm

    blu_cookiedough at hotmail.com

  68. Awesome Giveaway!

    1. Fave beauty product of 2010: Givenchy Ange or Demon Perfume
    2. Love the Blue Mums Boxy Bag Med
    3. Followed you on twitter, user name is: Strlght82


  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Flirt Eyeshadow Palette!! +1
    I love the St. John Caribbean Boxy Bag! +2
    Following on twitter @styleezta +1

    total: 4 points


  71. My favorite beauty product from 2010 is the Too faced shadow insurance
    My favorite one is the chocolate dots on pink box
    I blogged about your giveaway here: http://myleetlenails.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html
    Hope everybody has a wonderful New Years!
    I follow as my leetle nails
    my e-mail is eliana.petrescu(at)yahoo(dot)com

  72. my email is samantha9797@mac.com.
    my favorite makeup product of 2010 is the Too Faced Naked eye palette.
    my favorite makeup bag of hers is the midnight arctic boxy bag med.
    my twitter name is: @SamiHeartsBiebs
    the blog post: http://www.stylemedaily.com/stylemedaily.com/Samis_Page_for_Teens/Entries/2010/12/30_Entry_1.html
    the blogpost in sidebar: http://www.stylemedaily.com/stylemedaily.com/Samis_Page_for_Teens/Entries/2010/12/30_Entry_1.html
    the youtube video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcd-g9xGEG0

  73. 1. My favourite beauty product for 2010 is "Eye Studio Quads" By Maybelline
    2. Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag Sm
    3. I follow you in twitter (sweetsecret1001 is my name in twitter)
    4. I also have your giveaway on my right sidebar with a pic http://ladietatambienesmitortura.blogspot.com/
    5. You look my post about your giveway here: http://ladietatambienesmitortura.blogspot.com/
    My e-mail is: fantasticxwhore@hotmail.es

    Sorry for my bad english! Kiss!

  74. Hi!
    I'm a follower (Becky)
    I follow you on Twitter (Beckycd91)
    My favourite beauty product for 2010 is Too Faced Shadow Insurance

  75. Whoa....great giveaway!

    My favorite product of 2010 was the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation! Love this stuff!!

    GFC: Jinz

    Following you on Twitter: Jinjer25

    St. Croix Caribbean Wristlet...I'm from the caribbean and this immediately caught my eye! Love it!

    Made a blog post:


    Happy Holidays!

  76. hi
    this is so exciting........

    1.my favourite beauty product for 2010 is mac's haute & naughty lash mascara.

    2.St. Croix Caribbean Wristlet Med/



  77. Hey There!

    My fave beauty product from 2010 was Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. Awesomness in a bottle!

    I also follow you on twitter as katstanford


  78. Hi, Thanks for the giveaway!!

    I am a GFC follower. I follow under the name of ktun.

    1) My favorite beauty product is Missha BB Cream. It is amazing. It acts as a concealer, foundation and sunscreen.

    2) I really like the Pink Petals Bag. It's really cute and pretty.

    3) I am following on Twitter. My name is KrispyTinCan.

    My email is krispytuna@hotmail.com

    thanks again!!

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. hey this is cool my favorite 2010 product is the e.l.f tone correcter concealer and my other favorite bag is ( PINK PETALS BOXY BAG )

    MY GFC is GabbieHearts or my make up life im not sure
    i make an entry here is the link

    and also i put it on my side bar


    my email is

  81. this is such an amazing giveaway! and i love your blog! just wanted to say how awesome it is to see another ontario girl who is in the beauty guru buisness (im from their too :))

    1) my favourite beauty product this year was Physicains Formula Shimmer Strips for Blue Eyes - its really pigmented and shimmery, such a nice product- definatly worth the money.

    2) my two favourite bags are "red poppies boxy bag" and "blooming redwood boxy bag" they are both georgeous bags and i LOVE them!

    3) wonderstruck07 is my name on twitter and i folowd you :)


    i followed your blog (its amazing!!)
    my email is beach.chick88@gmail.com

  82. Hi!
    1) My favourite product of 2010 was Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara.

    2) St. Croix Caribbean

    email: cristinasilva56@gmail.com

  83. AMAZING GIVEAWAY!! My #1 Beauty product of the year was Make Up Forever's HD Foundation. I didn't believe they hype until I got it for my wedding and I couldn't believe how flawless my skin looked. And from now on I have gorgeous pictures with amazing skin! :)

    I follow you on Twitter :) missjones_0412
    And I made a post about this on my beloved Luuux :) http://www.luuux.com/node/2696416

    This is great! :)

    Have an amazing new year!


  84. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for doing this giveaway! Your posts seem really genuine and kind :)
    Now, for the entries:

    1. Favorite Beauty Product of 2010: Hm..so many. I would have to say Tarte cheek stains. I have the one in Tipsy, and I love it. It blends so easily, looks so natural, lasts forever, and you only need a little bit, so the tube will last a long, long time.
    2. I really like the Hummingbird Box Bag in Medium! The print is so cute, and I love how all her bags come with the really long ribbon pull. And the pricing is pretty affordable for handmade makeup bags.
    3. Followed you on Twitter. My twitter name is 1stcarenlicious.
    4. Sorry, didn't do this one..Alas, I am technologically challenged too, and couldn't figure out how to do it...XP
    5. http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/holiday-blog-giveaway?link=1
    link to blog post about your fabulous giveaway!
    6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKXt0mFyD68
    link to video I made about your giveaway.

    That should be a total of 17 entries :)
    My email is carenlicious@gmail.com. Thank you for doing this!!

  85. Thanks for the giveaway! I posted about your giveaway and I'm choosing my favorite bag from Bonnie's Etsy Shop and that is the Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag. So total I have 8 entries (including this one)! :D

    My favorite product from 2010 is my Target no-named brand medium shadow brush (:


    Thanks again for the giveaway :D

  86. 1. my fav product for 2010 is estee lauder brasil dreams palette
    2.spiral boxy bag medium
    3. i followed you on twitter under remainthesame95


  87. 1. My fav beauty product for 2010 has been MAC studio sculpt foundation.

    2. My fave bag is the chocolate dots on pink boxy bag

    3. I follow you on twitter (CHarmonee)

    4. Posted link in sidebar on top right: http://charmonee.blogspot.com/

    chaotikharmonee at yahoo dot com


  88. I currently started a blog...I can't figure out how to take nice pictures of swatch colors. Tell me the secret! :D

  89. Amazing giveaway!
    please enter me! .
    1 entry: my fav product is urban decay potion primer.
    2 and 3 entries: I really like SPIRAL BOXY BAG MED, it's cool!
    my email is cb59@email.it
    i don't why i cannot post with my name but i am cb59 and i am following your blog!

  90. Hi :) i'm following you on GFC. jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

    fave product of 2010 has got to be Sara Happ's One Lip Slip lip balm <3!

  91. Hi, Alicia, I would like to enter to your fabulous giveaways:)I subscribed to your blog

    1) My favorite beauty products for year 2010 is the Benefit sugarbomb blush;) really makes my day with it:)

    2) I visited Bonnie Etsy' shop and my favorite is the Spiral boxy bag

    3) I followed you on twitter, my name is FabulousAimee

    email: aimee0610@gmail.com

    Happy Holidays and more powers to you!!

  92. Hi ALicia, please enter me I would like to join in your fabulous giveaways..

    1) Followed your blog

    2) My favorite beauty prouduct for year 2010 is the Benefit sugarbomb blush, really makes my day with it:)

    3) followed you on twitter my name i FabulousAimee

    email :aimee0610@gmail.com

    Have a Blessed New Year to you and to everyone!
    Fabulous Aimee

  93. - i follow your blog as alby on GFC. (chiquitabonitaa@gmail.com)
    - my favorite product of 2010 would have to be urban decay primer potion, i just started using it this year & i love it.
    - from bonnie's shop, i loveee the Day of the Dead Boxy Bag, so cute, haha.
    - i'm a follower on twitter (@BreezyDamsel)
    - posted on my sidebar & made a post... (http://www.cherrycouture.org/2011/01/funnyfacebeauty-giveaway.html)
    thanks so much!

  94. it's an amazing giveaway! i'm crazy!

    my favorite beauty product for 2010 is bb cream from erborian.

    my favorite bag is the blooming redwood

    i'm a sucriber

    thank you so much!!!

    my email : koumkoum59@gmail.com

  95. 01. My favorite beauty product for 2010 is ELF's elements $1 eyeshadow in Moondust. [1]
    02. I really like the Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag from Bonnie's etsy shop.[2]
    03. Following you on twitter: @luuuxET [1]

    4 entries thanks :)
    Email: 1800CRUSH@gmail.com

  96. Congrats honey! :) Have a Happy New Year! ;)

    1) my fave beauty product for 2010 is Revlon Colorstay foundation, it covers my bad skin perfectly and it's the only thing that keeps my skin from becoming an oil slick! lol

    2) I really like St. John Caribbean Boxy Bag Sm , such beautiful colors :)

    3) I follow you under StavroulaPlag ;)

    4) I posted about your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog : http://www.drugstoreandbargainlover.com/

    7 entries in total :)



  97. Amazing giveaway!

    My favorite product of 2010 is the Nars Bougainville lipgloss. :)
    And my favorite makeup bag design form Bonnie is the Blooming Redwood one. It's so pretty.

    Please enter me. :)
    marieakamary [at] aol {dot} com

  98. follower via GFC as .evil.she.devil. , enter me please! :)
    My favorite beauty product is the Barry M nail paint instant nail effects (cracking polish) ...I love the way it looks.

    I like the Embroidered Red Flowers bag.

    Following you on twitter @evilshedevil.
    Posted about it here: http://evil-she-devil.blogspot.com/2010/12/nyeremenyjatek.html
    ..and it's also in my sidebar! :)
    *fingers crossed*

  99. Twitter: sarabsent

    My favourite product for this year is Crown Brush's C217 Bent Liner Brush - aaaaaahmazing!

    My favourite bag is actually the one you're giving away but my second favourite would have to be the "Blooming Redwood Boxy Bag Med"!

    e-mail: seryfm@hotmail.com

  100. What a wonderful giveaway. I am a follower(Doris Castro ).

    Here are my entries.

    1: My fav beauty item that was new to me in 2010 is the MAC 130 brush. I got it not too long ago sometime over the fall. I just love applying my foundation with it. So easy and so light.

    2: Visited Bonnies Shop and I am loving the Pink Petals bag.

    3: I follow you on twitter. My twitter name is DoriVonBunneh

    4: Giveaway is in my sidebar at http://castrosinitaly.blogspot.com/

    5: Blogged about your blog giveaway here


    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!



  101. My favourite beauty product is Simple Purifying Cleanser, I will never stop using it, I love it so much.




  102. Hey!
    My follower name is Misha Meth.
    1. Fave beauty product: UD BOS3
    2. Can't decide if it's Blooming Redwood or Day of the Dead =/
    3. Twitter name: MishaMethTweet, also tweeted about the giveaway.
    5. Wrote a blog post here

    email: mishameth@gmail.com

  103. My follower name is Mariana Brito
    My favourite product of 2010 was a maybelline lipstick named galactic mauve
    My option from the etsy web is "Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag Sm"
    I posted your giveaway in my blog( but the blog is in portuguese, any doubt just email me)

    Thank you and Happy New Year.
    In portuguese Bom Ano :D

  104. I hope, I hope... =) Please

    1) Subscriber name: T.

    1) My favorit of 2010: Boddy Butter with Cocoa and Red Fruits from O Boticário

    2) Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag Med

    3) I don't have Twitter

    5) http://bohemian-moments.blogspot.com/2011/01/fantastic-prizes-aproveite-este-sorteio.html


  105. Favorite beauty item buxom lip gloss--I love them all but I will pick Bambi

  106. from Bonnie's etsy shop I love the Day of the Dead Boxy Bag entry #1

  107. from Bonnie's etsy shop I love the Day of the Dead Boxy Bag entry #2

  108. This past year, I've been loving my SwissCo glass nail file. I like the Big Bottom Bag. I follow via GFC as Justine with my GMail address and can also be reached at extemter at hotmail dot com.

  109. I am a new follower. My blog spot is http://www.thespatravellersdiary.com/

    1. My favourite new product is NAR's Petit Monstr no 1091Lipstick and matched with Borneo lip liner

    2. Favourite bag is chocolate dots on pink boxy

  110. enter me please....
    my fav product for 2010 was Mabelline my mahogany..loved the lipstick...


  111. hey alicia, thanks for doing this giveaway, it's an amazing package!

    1) My fave beauty product is Laura Mercier eye primer. I discovered the existence of eye primer only last year (2010). Can't live without it now!

    2) My favourite makeup bag from plaid poni designs is the spiral boxy bag

    5) gonna write a post about your giveaway as soon as i post this comment http://sncport.blogspot.com

    thanks again!

  112. Wow this is a wonderful giveaway!

    My beauty product for 2010: Philosophy's Purity Made Simple for saving my face from total disaster!
    My favorite makeup bag: the Day of the Dead Boxy Bag, so gorgeous and edgy :) http://www.etsy.com/listing/58458716/day-of-the-dead-boxy-bag

    My twitter handle is @Legnalos and my e-mail address is solangynni_90@hotmail.com

    I would post about this amazing giveaway, but I'm not yet started on my blog, but good luck to everyone :D

  113. I am a subscriber

    misaacmom at gmail dot com

  114. My subscriber name is gillybean604

    My fave product (or the one I used the most) was Physician's Formula Sunset Strip Bronzer (1)

    I follow you on twitter: gillybean604 (1)

    I posted your giveaway on my blog (5)

    7 entries in total
    gillybean604 (at) hotmail dot com

  115. my favourite product would be skin79 bb cream!!
    i have been trying to buy naked! but its always sold out! thanks for having this giveaway!

    and a twitter follower too!


  116. Hi!
    Thank's for the giveaway, my email is etrabichet@gmail.com
    my favorite product for 2010 is urban decay New York!

  117. WOW, what a give away! Great prizes! I'd love to enter... ESPECIALLY the Urban Decay NAKED PALETTE! I've been looking for one & it's sold out EVERYWHERE...

    1] My favorite beauty product for 2010 is my ELF mineral lipstick in Natural Nymph!
    2] My fav makeup bag design is the St. Croix Caribbean Wristlet Med. The orange & baby blue colors stand out & the design is lovelyyy!
    5] I posted a blog about your giveaway here: http://maabx.blogspot.com/2011/01/funnyfacebeauty-holiday-giveaway.html


    I reallyyyyy hope I win one of your prizes. Look forward to more of your blogs hun.

    <333 Mang

  118. Hy!
    I'm following you via GFC.
    My favorite beauty product for 2010 is the Urban Decay Primer Potion.
    I love the Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag.
    my e-mail: darijadoll@hotmail.com
    Thanks for the chance!

  119. Hello, thank you :)

    1) My favorite cosmetics for 2010 is the eye primer by Nars, the best IMO.

    2) My favorite pattern bag is the Pink Petals Boxy Bag Med so pretty !

    email : ju_ds0 (at) yahoo (dot) fr

  120. email address: purrbliss@hotmail.com
    followed via GFC

    fav product in 2010 - EDM pearl mint lucent powder
    fav makeup bag: Blooming Redwood Boxy Bag Med
    sidebar: http://nyob-session.blogspot.com/
    blog: http://nyob-session.blogspot.com/2011/01/funnyfacebeautys-giveaway.html

  121. Really great giveaway! :))

    My favourite product is the Naked Palette, even if I don't have it! :)


  122. Hi,

    Awesome giveaway,

    Enter me please!

    My fav 2010 product is UD Naked Palette.

    My favourite bag from Bonnie's Etsy Shop is Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag Med.

    I am an old follower via GFC as Silverstargirl

    Already Following u on twitter @Silverstargirl2


    Thanks you!

  123. This is AMAZING! Thanks!

    My favorite beauty product of 2010 was Orly Cosmic FX collection. It's beautiful, it's so me! I feel really confident when I'm wearing any of the collex colors.

    My favorite bag for Bonnie's etsy shop is Blooming Redwood Boxy Bag. So cute!

    I follow on twitter, I'm siideral.

    e-mail address: iruneborao [at] gmail [dot] com

  124. -My favourite beauty product of 2010 was maybelline liquid satin.
    -Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag Med
    -I follow you on twitter under the name derana_andy
    -my email: derana@freemail.hu
    Happy Holidays!

  125. Wow please enter me in your giveaway! I've been following you as Cheryl on GFC, my email address is cherylcherylcheryl(at)gmail(dot)com.

    My favourite beauty product of 2010 would be OPI Sparkleicious from the Burlesque Collection!

    I would pick the Embroidered Red Flower Box from plaidponidesigns.

    I am following you on twitter as ch3ryl89, and I blogged about your giveaway here: http://legallypolished.blogspot.com/2011/01/giveaways.html

  126. aww these are such wonderful prizes! i'm an old follower via GFC (Jenny)!

    my favourite beauty product for 2010 is the R&R blushes!

    visited Bonnie's Shop and love her Blooming Redwood Boxy Bag Med!
    following on twitter (iceflurrie)

    posted your give-away on my sidebar: http://skinniegenes.blogspot.com/

    theskinniegenes at gmail dot com

    thanks <3!

  127. Hi! Great giveaway! Enter me please! :D

    1- My favourite beauty product of 2010 is UD Alice in Wonderland palette
    2- My favourite bag is Lady Bug Boxy Bag Med
    3- I follow you on Twitter: PandorinArt
    4- I posted your giveaway on my sidebar http://pandorinart.blogspot.com/
    5- I wrote about your giveaway on my blog http://pandorinart.blogspot.com/2011/01/super-sorteo-de-funnyface-beauty.html
    6- My nick on your blog is Beatriz Galán PANDORINART
    7- My email is rbgsky(@)hotmail.com

    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck! :)

  128. I'm a email subscriber:
    sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  129. 1. I LOVE the M.A.C Rockers and Reelers eyeshadow palette from the Tartan Holiday Collection! I bought it in October and have used it almost everyday since! I've found a new love for metallics!
    2. I love the Pink Candy Stripe Medium Boxy Bag. It's so chic and girly!
    3. I follow you on Twitter as - fancypantsdh
    4. I posted a link on my sidebar: http://missfancypants-dh.blogspot.com/
    5. I wrote a post : http://missfancypants-dh.blogspot.com/2011/01/funnyface-beauty-giveaway.html
    TOTAL: 12 entries!
    My subscriber name is Diane Hennan and my email is dhennan@gmail.com
    Thank you for this generous giveaway!!

  130. hello =)
    This is an incredible giveaway!
    Enter me please**

    I'm a flower via GFC as Claudia Mendonça
    My e-mail is: rufigirl@gmail.com

    My favorite beauty product for 2010 is my essence black pencil

    My favorite bag is St. John Caribbean Boxy Bag Med

    I'm following you on twitter as @Clau_Choices

    I do a blogpost about your giveaway here:

    Thank you, Xoxo

  131. Hello :) Amazing prizes !! :)
    My fav beauty product is Maybelline Falsies , i really love how they shape my lashes!:)

    Pink Petals Boxy Bag Med is my the loveliest one in Bonnie's Etsy Shop :)
    Here is my blog ;

    you can check it to see the link of your giveaway in my sidebar.

    happy new year xxx

  132. Count me in please!

    I'm a follower through GFC--> Rena!

    +3 I've also posted the giveaway on my blog sidebar here: www.scopekawaiiness.com

    +1 My fav 2010 beauty product would have to be the Imju Fiberwig mascara! I love the length that it gives and the easiness of taking it off!

    +2 My fav item from plaidponidesigns would have to be the St. Croix Caribbean Wristlet Med.


    <33 Rena

  133. pinkjazzkw.blogspot.com

    my email is jasminekayaa@aol.com
    MY fav product for 2010 is my vs bombshell perfume.
    i followed yu on twitter. pinkjazzkw

  134. 1. 2010 beauty favourite, NARS Multiple Tint Turks & Caicos.
    2. I like the Red Poppies Boxy Bag.
    3. Followed on Twitter, I'm MADEIN1985



  135. My favourite produc of 2010 is l'oreal telescopic mascara. I love the Pink Petals Boxy Bag Med

  136. I'm a GFC follower!

    +1 My favorite beauty product of 2010 was Rosebud strawberry lip balm, I went everywhere with it!

    +2 I love the St. Croix Caribbean Wristlet.

    +1 I'm following you on Twitter (tornadostruck).

    sundaygirl at gmail dot com

  137. This giveaway is awesome :D

    1. My favourite beauty product 2010 is definitley Benefit Erase Paste. The thickest creamiest concealer ever, but it hides dark circles and spots in an absolute flash. Sometimes I just skip foundation when i have this on my bad areas :D.

    2. My favourite bag is the hummigbird one. sooo adorable :D


  138. Only 3 entries for me :-(
    I have no twitter or blog, but my favourite bag is the Spiral Boxy Bag Med -- gorgeous!
    My top beauty product is a palette from an italian brand, neve make up, that is called arcobaleni (it means rainbows).
    thank you so much for this giveaway!
    my email adress: io-sono-il-passato-dimenticato@hotmail.it

  139. My favorite beauty product of 2010 was definitely Mary Kay's Mineral Powder. This is the best mineral powder I've ever used, no shimmer which I love because I don't need my face to sparkle, lol And it has GREAT coverage!

    I follow you on twitter (@JYTBB)

    On the Etsy shop I really love the Yellow Butterfly make up bag - so cute!

    Email: justyourtypicalbookblog(at)hotmail(dot)com

  140. Oh my goodness, AWESOME giveaway! Thanks so much, very generous of you :) My fav beauty product of 2010 was NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Vesuvio, so pretty and I like the formula. :) I follow your blog also. (+1 entry)

    I like the Spider Boxy Med bag from Bonnie's shop, so cute! (+2 entries)

    I follow you on Twitter @lipscandycigs
    (+1 entry)

    I put your giveaway on my blog sidebar:
    (+3 entries)

    I blogged about your giveaway:
    (+5 entries)


    Thank you! :)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  141. Hello :)
    my email is dianablueeyes@hotmail.com
    and my blog is http://makeup-da-cristal.blogspot.com/
    1)My favorite 2010 beauty product is my MAC nc25 lol and my Foundation brush from O Boticário.
    2)I reeeeeally loved the Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag Med.
    5)I post about your give away in my blog
    1+2+5 entries
    Hope you the best,
    Kiss, Cristal!

  142. 1. My favorite beauty product this year is Maybelline Mascara.

    2. My favorite Bag is Day of the Dead.
    (My real favorite is Midnight Arctic but we're not allowed to pick it.)

    3. Following on twitter.(miss_moneymaker)

    sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  143. please, enter me <3
    My fave 2010 beauty product is Collistar supermascara*.*

    love from Italy <3

  144. My favourite Beauty Product of 2010 is my Urban Decay Primer potion. It took me awhile to love it but now it is a daily MUST HAVE.
    I am so glad I found this website as I am now following it! wahoo!
    Mary @

  145. OMG i love all the prizes in your giveaway!!! i have been dying to get the Naked pallette for so long ! and also i just recently subscribed to your blog because i just fell in love with it !

    1) my favorite beauty product of 2010 has to be my ELF 100 Piece Eyeshadow Set from target.com (also on elf's website as well). This pallette is amazing! It has the best colors and it's so cheap too ($10.00!!). The colors last all day and I can make so many different looks everyday, so I highly recommend this pallette for everyone. (1 entry)
    2) I visited Bonnie's Etsy shop and i love all of the makeup bags, they're all so pretty. My favorite one besides the one you're giving away is the Woodland Park bag; i love the design and it is very neutral and has a warm-color that i simply love. (2 entries)

    unfortunately i don't have a twitter or a blog..but thanks for having a giveaway! Best of luck to everyone :)


  146. Please I would like to join this great giveaway

    I am a new follower, I follow you via GFC as MsAd89
    my email is msad89@gmail.com

    I posted a link on the sidebar of my blog to your giveaway, here's the link:

    My fav. product for this year was ELF complexion perfection powder

  147. I forgot to add this into my original entry:

    +5 Did a blog post about it:


  148. Love your blog, just started following!

    I'm kind of new at the blgospot thing. How do I go about putting your contest as an ad?

    My twitter name is: beSophiacated
    My Blogspot name is beSophiacated

    BTW, I must say, you are giving away amazing things! Thanks a lot. And congrats on the 1000 subs!
    My favorite 2010 product that I discovered is UDPP (Urban Decay Potion Primer). I love this stuff! I have ALWAYS had a problem with my oily lids, and this stuff will keep it on all night, overnight, and into the next morning after a night of drinking and sweating! HAHA! Yes it is REALLY bad to not wash your face, but girl you know what nights I'm talking about =P.

    My favorite makeup bag design on the etsy site would have to be my favorite thing, polka dots in pink and brown. Chocolate dots and pink boxy bag medium. Love my polka dots! Also loove pink and brown combo! Thanks for introducing me to the site, I loove etsy and all the designers!

  149. Enter me! :)

    following via GFC as Xeno.

    1) My favourite beauty product has to be Urban Decay Primer Potion. No more creasing!

    2) My favourite makeup bag design is Spiral Boxy Bag

    3 entries in total. :)

    email: petralosonci@hotmail.com

  150. Hi
    enter me pls:)
    follow u via GFC. Name:Ambreen Maqsood
    I visited Bonnie's Etsy Shop , i really like her
    "Pink Candy Stripe Bag ".

  151. Hi, enter me please.
    I follow you via GFC under Just_Me.
    I visited Bonnie's Etsy Shop and I like Pink Petals Boxy Bag Med cosmetics bag.
    Email: me.blogging10(at)gmail(dot)com.
    Thank you.

  152. This comment has been removed by the author.

  153. Hello There Lovely!
    Thanks for commenting on the blog :D

    Here's my "official" entry (and btw WOW, what a huge success!)
    Did I mention I'm in love with your blog?
    I am so excited to enter this giveaway! From a fellow Canadian no less! tee hee!

    1) My fave beauty product of 2010 has to be MAC Vanilla pigment. I just can't get enough of it! I use it almost every day as a cheek highlighter and on my eyes as an inner-corner brightener. Can't go wrong with it!

    2) Bonnie's bags are so cute (I freakin' love etsy hahah)and I am in love with the Blue Mum's bag... could it be that Tiffany blue? It's got that vintage touch I am crazy for.

    3)I am following (and tweeted about your giveaway) my Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/beautynewbie

    4)I added your giveaway in my sidebar (http://www.beautynewbie.com)

    5)I posted about your blog and giveaway here:

    (which you know about already- thanks for your comment!)

    That's a total of 15 entries :) (1+2+1+3+8)

    Thanks for such a cool contest!

    (sorry I forgot the email:) beautynewbie@gmail.com

  154. Hi I love your giveaway!
    1) My favourite beauty product for 2010 is the Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop cream
    2) My favourite makeup bag design is the Yellow Butterfly Boxy Bag Med
    I'm Dana and my email is ru_danita@hotmail.com

    Thanks and a happy newyear!

  155. ooh favourite product of 2010 would have to be benetint by benefit :) lovely subtle glow! :)

    I have followed you on twitter, i am @lydiaaaaam_ :)


  156. 1- im follower via google connect with the name Ana Rios and my email is galadriel93@gmail.com (+1)

    my fav item is of course...the urban decay naked palette---ive been dreaming of that one for a long time now.

    2- my fav one from ETSY is the Embroidered Red Flower Box.(+2)

    3-following you via twitter,by the name of DearDiandra26.i posted about this on the wall too (+1)

    4- your giveaway is on my siddebar here: ( +3)


    5- ive posted about your giveaway on my own blog here ( +5)


    i hope i win!!!!!! this is the best giveaway ive ever seen.


  157. im sorry in my last entry i forgot to post the exact link through which i posted about your giveaway

    here it is



  158. This is a great giveaway!

    My email is nerealorenzo@hotmail.com

    I am a follower of your blog as NereaM.

    My favourite beauty product of 2010 is MAC paint pot in painterly.

    My favorite bag is the Blue Mums Boxy Bag Med.

    I am a follower on Twitter: NereaLS

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  159. Hi!!

    my nick: jadeh
    y my correo: jadeh.oriental@gmail.com

    my favourite product for 2010 is lipstick MAC Crème Cup:)

    and the bag i would choose St. John Caribbean Boxy Bag Med

    thanks for all!

  160. enter me <3
    i'm janani anbarasan
    my email is: janani4@live.co.uk
    GFC: janani4
    twitter: JaiAnbarasan
    My favourite product would be Girl meets Pearl from Benefit :)
    I like the St.Croix Caribbean Bag.
    thank you <3

  161. Enter me!
    Follower name: Just a Lady
    E-mail: red3lady@gmail.com

    My favorite beauty product in 2010 is nude lipstick.


  162. 1) My favourite product is my mascara Volumissime by L'Oreal. I love how it curls my lashes.
    2) Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag wristlet. It's so girlie, love it!
    3) sweetgirlbcn
    4) http://isabelysuscositas.blogspot.com/

    I haven't done number 5 and 6.

    Thanks for this giveaway!!!


  163. follower via gfc=Lyudmila
    lusizov at gmail.com
    +1 My fav beauty product of 2010 was Lashblast mascara too
    +2 I love the Blue Robin Boxy Bag Med
    +5 I blogged http://ludmilochka.blogspot.com/2011/01/holiday-giveaway-ends-110111.html

  164. Favorite beauty product would be Satin Taupe eyeshadow by Mac! I lovee this e/s for an everyday look!

    Following via GFC : jen j
    blog is: soposh21.blogspot.com

    my email is: soposh21@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much for giving us this greatt giveaway!

    have a great new year!!

    _Jen xoxoxo

  165. This comment has been removed by the author.

  166. +1 My favorite product would have to be Almay Crayon Contour eyeliner in black :)

    +2 I love her bags! My favorite would probably be the "Something Blue Boxy" bag, and I also looove the midnight arctic one you're including in this wonderful giveaway.

    My email address is:

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, and congrats on the 1000 subscribers!

  167. Hi ^^ i'm LadyCrissola an italian girl (sorry for my english)!

    -I follow your blog and my nick is LadyCrissola
    -I follow you on twitter and my nick is LadyCrissola
    -my mail: cristy1988rinoa@hotmail.com
    -my product of 2010 is Kit nail art of Pupa Milano
    -On the Bonnie etsy shop, i prefer Petali di rosa Borsa Boxy Med
    -I shared on my facebook the link of your giveaway: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001248388249#!/profile.php?id=100001248388249&v=wall

  168. Please enter me! :)

    1) Favorite beauty product of 2010: Jergens Soothing Aloe Moisturiser

    2) Favorite makeup bag design: Pink Petals Boxy Bag Med

    3) Twitter Name: @TPPbyrizzie

    4) Did a sidebar post! :)

    5) Did a blog post!

    12 entries in total :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  169. What amazing prizes!! I just recently started following your blog and am loving it!

    1) Favorite beauty product this year would have to be Michael Todd longwear cream shadow in Nude, i use it as an eye base and LOVE it!

    2)Blooming Redwood boxy

    my email is: savy_hadden@yahoo.com

  170. This is so amazing I love it :)

    My email: pinkkcandy@gmail.com
    Following your blog as: Pinkk Candy
    1 : My favorite beauty product for 2010 Clinique 3 steps
    2 : My favorite makeup bag design from Bonnie's Etsy Shop is Chocolate Dots on Pink Boxy Bag Med
    3 : I follow you on Tweeter as Pinkk Candy


  171. 1) Return of MAC Stereo Rose (still hard to get the second time around!)

    2) Red Poppy is very pretty!

    3) I follow on Twitter as Beenofone

    4) Sidebar www.beautyburg.com

    Email is beautyburg at gmail

  172. Wow!! You really made an effort, amazing giveaway, thank you!

    1. My favorite 2010 beauty product is the Too faced Shadow insurance. (1 entry)

    2. My second favorite bag from the Bonnie’s Esty shop is Blooming Redwood Boxy. (2 entries)


  173. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    I follow you under this name (GFC).

    #1:Since I can't decide, I'll have to go with two products,namely the SLEEK Sunset Palette and ALVERDE blush in Flamingo.
    #2:I quite like the Chocolate Box on Pink Bag Med.
    #4&5:I've linked your giveaway in my sidebar & aswell as in a post, here's the link: http://splutterofwords.blogspot.com/2011/01/funnyface-beauty.html

    my email: splutterofwords(at)hotmail(dot)com


  174. Wow, amazing giveaway!!

    My favorit beauty product of 2010 was Double Wear stay-in-place makeup fundation by Estée Lauder.

    email; themilaganlin@gmail.com

    Thanks!!!! :D

  175. Hi, Alicia, i would like to be entered..

    1. Favourite beauty product for 2010 until now is etude house 55 kissful lip tint chou..
    2. Spider boxy bag med..
    3. Followed you on twitter. Username: camillega
    4. posted your giveaway on my sidebar. http://camgaga.blogspot.com/

    i'm a subscriber of your blog, subscriber name: camille_ellen
    email: camille_ellen@yahoo.com
    thank you..

  176. Wow, what generous giveway.
    Hmm, favourite product of 2010? Its a tough one, I just started blogging this year, so have bought so many things. I think overall it would have to be sleek palettes, my favourite being the original palette.

    I think my favourite make up bag is the pink candy stripe.

    I already follow you on twitter- @pink_pom_poms



    Anna x

  177. 1. Sure it will be the naked palette by UD, if I won :D.

    2. Embroidered Red Flower Boxy Bag Med

    3. Following you on twitter @loira28


  178. awesome giveaway ..
    please enter me ^_^ brownsmoke@gmail.com

    i follow GFC as brownsmoke
    best 2010 for me was CoverGirl Lash Blast and coverFX foundation !!
    totally love the Midnight Arctic Boxy Bag Med :D

  179. Hi!!!

    1.My favourite product of 2010...mostly for a sentimental reason,I´ll choose "my dark magic" mineralize eye-shadow duo from "venomenous villains collection".

    2.I choose the Embroidered Red Flower Boxy Bag Med

    3.Here´s the link on my blog´s sidebar:

    4.And here´s the link to the post:
    (my blog it´s in spanish,but I added the link to a translator ^^)

    Take care,besos!!!

  180. my favourite product would have to be cliniques 3 step system (:
    and i think the emboided red flower box bag is so pretty!

  181. blog follower (anna_k67)

    1.favourite beauty product for 2010 -Maybelline Define-a-lash mascara (+1)

    2.i like St. John Caribbean Boxy Bag Med (+2)

    3.following on twitter (annakul) (+1)


  182. Enter me please!

    My fav 2010 beauty product has to be Revlons grow luscious mascara.

    My fav cosmetic bag from Bonnies shop is the st croix caribbean one.

    I also follow you on twitter: @karla8852

    4 entries in total I think!



  183. Please Enter me :)

    My fave 2010 product is Maybelline Colossal Mascara :) I LOOOVEE IT so much <3

    Im a follower :) GFC: ammwiich
    email : beautiful_333(at)hotmail(dot)com

    and I like the chocolate dots on pink box thingy (L) its soo adorable ^^

    thnaak you :)

  184. Hii, thanks so much for this! My e-mail adress is emily_reviews@yahoo.com
    1.) My favorite product of 2010 has to be the boi~ing concealer. I got it for myself for christmas!
    2.) Aside from the Arctic one, my favorite make-up bag is Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag Sm. :D
    5.) http://emily-reviews.blogspot.com/2011/01/misc-giveaway-by-funnyface-beauty.html <- here is the post. I just started the blog a couple of days ago, so you won't get much traffic off of this, I'm sorry. :(

    (if i counted right, that is!)

  185. I am a follower and a Twitter subscriber :D My twitter name is lipstick.mascara! :)

    Email is samebrightsky@yahoo.com

    My favorite product of 2010 is NYX's Indian Pink lipstick! Although, right now I discovered Rimmel's Airy Fairy which i love! :)

    Your link is on my side bar! :)

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! :D

    Hummingbird box medium is my favorite from the shop! :)

  186. Great prizes!
    My favorite product was Orly Space Cadet nail polish.
    My favorite makeup bag is St. John Caribbean Boxy Bag Small

    scarter305 at aol dot com

  187. I follow you through Google Connect as Jo Tee; jo.tee35ATgmailDOTcom.

    Fave item of 2010 was Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation <3.


    THE Bonnie's Etsy Shop BAG THAT I LIKE THE MOST AND IS MY FAV IS THE Spiral Boxy Bag



  189. My favorite product of 2010.. isn't a NEW product per se.. just the one I've fallen in love with most this year is : China Glaze nail varnish in Spontaneous. I adore this color with a passion!

    The Makeup bag design I adore most is the Spider Boxy Bag. Its totally me. :D

    I follow you on twitter under: Mrskittykaboom


    Thats 4 entries for me. Thanks so much for hosting this contest, and SUPER gratz on all those subbies! Keep doin' what you do! :D Good luck all!

  190. 1) My 2010 beauty fave is my latest discovery, the Shu Uemura High Performance Cleansing Oil in Fresh (Pink).

    2)I want this from plaidponi, too! http://www.etsy.com/listing/50398937/chocolate-dots-on-pink-boxy-bag-sm

    3) following you on twitter as argiewargie

    4) check out http://herroyalbleaknes..blogspot.com. posted your giveaway icon on my sidebar.

    5) Made a video for your contest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w3LqCJ2Nzs

    argie022021 AT yahoo DOT com

  191. This is a very generous giveaway! Please enter me.
    I already follow you under the name 'Poohkie's Place'. My email is - poohkiesplace@gmail.com
    1) My favourite product of 2010 was Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Autumn Rush.
    2) I really like the Blue Robin Boxy Bag (med)
    4) Mentioned the giveaway in my sidebar here: http://poohkiesplace.blogspot.com/
    5) Posted about your giveaway here: http://poohkiesplace.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

  192. Great giveaway!!!

    Please enter me.

    I am your follower.
    My email is zlatosfera@gmail.com

    1) Fav beauty product of 2010 was MAC Modesty Lipstick

    2. My favourite is spiral box bag

    3. I follow you on twitter under the name @berkleyan

  193. Hey,

    Amazing contest you've put together, my favourite item of 2010 has to be Viva Glam Cyndi, beautiful colour and for a great cause. I had a look at the bags too and my fav is http://www.etsy.com/listing/64041265/blue-robin-boxy-bag-med just love the little bird on it. Hope you had a great holiday period. My blog is Theamerousheart and my email is raca2raca@hotmail.com


  194. Happy New Year Alicia!!
    That's a great Giveaway! Thank you!
    1)My favourite beauty product for 2010 is MAC's Bite of an apple powder blush!
    2)I Visited Bonnie's Etsy Shop and I really like the Spiral Boxy Bag Med (http://www.etsy.com/listing/52685191/spiral-boxy-bag-med)
    3) Your giveaway is posted in the sidebar of my blog here http://argyrousa.blogspot.com/

    These should be 6 entries in sum, hurray!!! =)

    My email is argyrousa at gmail dot com

    Be well!!!


  195. I wanna join! :)

    - Follower via GFC as aiNe

    - Blogged about your giveaway here http://blackinthebox.blogspot.com/2011/01/holiday-giveaway-from-funnyface-beauty.html

    - Added the giveaway picture on my sidebar at http://blackinthebox.blogspot.com

    - My fave beauty product for 2010 is a nail polish from OPI (Midnight in Moscow).

    - I like the "Sparkle White Boxy Bag Sm" from Plaid Poni Designs.

    - Followed you on Twitter as black_inthebox

    email: blackwavechic (at) gmail (dot) com

  196. My favorite beauty product of 2010 is my foundation brush, which I FINALLY decided to get!

    Love the chocolate dots on pink bag!

    I'm a twitter follower (@SandS_blog)

    Posted this in my sidebar http://randomlypreppy.blogspot.com/

    email is sailboatsandseersucker@gmail.com

  197. My name is Mariana Filipa Santiago, I live in Portugal.
    My favorite product is eyeliner of 'essence' and i love so much varnish.(1 entry)
    Beyond midnight arctic bag, i love Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bag.(more 2 entries)
    I post on my blog in side bar ( more 8 entries)


    Email: mariana.f.santiago@gmail.com

  198. I follow via GFC.
    My favorite beauty product for 2010 is the great eyeshadows that I received from Orglamix and Face Candy Couture.

    annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

  199. My extra entries:
    +2 I like the Something Blue Boxy Bag.
    +1 Follow you on twitter: http://twitter.com/sweepstakelover
    +5 Blogged: http://sweepstakelover.blogspot.com/2011/01/holiday-giveaway.html

    annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

  200. Hello enter me 12 times please! Thank you!

    -I follow via GFC and email is BaroqueInBabylon@hotmail.com
    -I follow you on Twitter via @Baroque_Babylon and tweeted about your giveaway.
    -I blogged about it and posted on the sidebar too
    -My favorite beauty product of 2010 is my J Lynne Candlelight Glow. It is the best I've used out of over 30 glows.
    -My favorite makeup bag Bonnie makes is the one with teh Poppies. I love those flowers.


I love receiving your comments and try my best to comment back.