Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Favourites

Hey Everyone, 

It feels like it was just last week that I was saying, "I can't believe its already September". So the fact that it is already October, blows my mind. In terms of beauty products, I started using a lot of new eye products this past month, and 4 of them quickly became new favourites. As for face and lip products, I found a couple of new favourites, but tended to stick with items from previous monthly favourites posts. Here are my September favourites:


1) Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in 'Classic Ivory': This foundation has quickly become my new favourite. Not only is it incredibly smooth and creamy, it gives a full coverage and is cheap. The packaging isn't great but I don't really buy my foundation based on the way it looks. The only problem with this foundation is that it is not yet sold in Canada, and therefore, I have to drive to the US to buy it.

2) N.Y.C Cheek Glow Blush in 'Cherry Blossom': I bought this blush recently on a trip to the states (they don't sell this one in Canada either). The blush's berry colour is the perfect shade for fall and because of its glow, this product can act as both a blush and a highlighter. The only downside to this blush is that it is does not have a lot pigmentation and therefore needs to be layered to bring out more colour. 


1) Eos Lipbalm in 'Honeysuckle Honeydew': Originally I only wanted this lipbalm because of its packaging (apparently I do buy lip products because of their packaging). It was hard to track down (yet another product not sold in Canada) and I made my mom and sister make several stops on our way to Nashville this summer so I could get my hands on it. Turns out it has a lot more to offer than its packaging. It is extremely smooth, very moisturizing and it smells amazing. I use this every night before bed to keep my lips moisturized and to prevent flaking.  


1) Urban Decay Smoke Out Eye Pencil in 'Black': This pencil was sent to me by my friend Kim after I sent her a MAC warehouse sale ticket (Thanks Kim!). I am so in love with this pencil. I have always had a hard time applying pencil eyeliner, but this pencil is so soft and smooth it makes it easy to apply. This pencil has two ends, the pencil, and a sponge tip for blending the liner into the lash line. I have been using this liner every day and love the way it looks on my eyes. I tried looking for these pencils in other colours, but it seems they have been discontinued. If you know of any place that sells them, please let me know in the comment section below. 

2)Wet n' Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow in 'Brulee': I mentioned in a recent post that I have been really impressed with Wet n' Wild and the products they have recently put out. This eyeshadow is no exception. Brulee is a matte beige colour that when blended into the eyelid creates a perfect base. This eyeshadow reminds me of MAC's 'Orb' (another favourite) and is great for blending out darker eyeshadow colours. 

3)Wet n' Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow in 'Nutty':  This eyeshadow would have to be my favourite from the Wet n' Wild collection of shadows. I would describe the colour as a shimmering taupe. It is similar to MAC's 'Satin Taupe', but personally I think it applied more smoothly. At just under $3.00, this eyeshadow is a steal. If you haven't already checked it out, I highly recommend you do. 

4)MAC's Eyeshadow in 'Poison Pen': I bought this super smoky purple eyeshadow at the MAC warehouse sale I went to in the beginning of September. Since then, I would say I have used this colour at least 3 times a week. It works well with so many different eyeshadow colours. I especially like to use it with purple, brown or grey eyeshadow looks. For some reason I thought this colour was being re-released with the Venomous Villains collection, but unfortunately I was wrong. It is not sold as part of MAC's permanent collection either. 


1) O.P.I Nail Polish in 'Over the Taupe': I bought this nail polish last fall and completely forgot I had it until I was looking for a polish to take to the nail salon. 'Over the Taupe' combines all of the current nail colour trends into one bottle. Depending on the way the light hits the bottle, this polish can look brown, grey or purple making it the perfect shade of taupe. I know there is a lot of buzz about Chanel's 'Particuliere' and Sephora's 'Metro Chic', but for me, O.P.I's 'Over the Taupe' beats both of them. 

Having just started a 'Project 5 Pan', I hope that I will re-discover a lot of old products during the month of October and be able to share them with you in my next monthly favourites post. 

Let me know what your September favourites have been in the comment section below. 


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FunnyFace Question of the Week #7

Hey Everyone,

I realized yesterday that I forgot to post last week's beauty question. So, today I have a two part question for you.

Q: What is your favourite drugstore brand, and, what is your favourite product from that brand?

A: I would say that right now my favourite drugstore brand is Wet n' Wild. I am absolutely in love with their 'Color Icon' single pan eyeshadows. The pigmentation is ridiculously good and the price cannot be beat. 

Let me know your answers to this week's questions in the comment section below. 


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project 5 Pan

Hey Everyone

As someone addicted to makeup, this is a very hard post to write. I realized a couple of weeks ago when cleaning out my makeup drawers, that I just have too much makeup. I know what you are thinking, there is no such thing as too much makeup. While I would like to agree, I feel that for me, buying makeup has become more of a sport and less of something enjoyable. There are so many new collections from so many different makeup brands coming out every week, its hard to keep track. I have a lot of products I've bought and only used once or twice. So, I have decided to start my own 'Project 5 Pan'. The main rule of 'Project 5 Pan' is that I cannot buy any makeup product until I have completely finished (or "hit pan") on 5 different makeup products. I know that most people who do this challenge wait until they have finished 10 products ('Project 10 Pan')before they are allowed to buy more makeup, but let's be honest: I think I would go crazy waiting that long. Of course, there are a few exceptions to every rule (at least for me). I am not allowed to get any new makeup unless it is:

1) Given to me as a gift
2) Won in a contest
3) A free sample or points perk
4) Something I buy at IMATS (Honestly, who can go to IMATS and not buy makeup).

In terms of my blog, I don't think this 'Project 5 Pan' will have any effect on the posts I write. I will still have hauls (I'm really good at getting free makeup), I will still have reviews and I will still be going to different makeup events (ie. the IMATS). Of course, I will also be keeping you updated on my challenge and on which products I've finished and whether or not I will be purchasing them again. 

Let me know if you plan to do a 'Project 5 or 10 Pan' sometime in the future or if you have done one in the past or if you think I am crazy for even thinking of doing this. Any comments are welcome!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beauty Quote of the Week #14

"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty."
~ Coco Chanel

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Dare You to Wear This Look # 3

Hey Everyone, 

Im so excited to post another 'Dare to Wear' challenge. This is by far my favourite kind of post because I get to see all of your recreations, and see just how talented you all are. For those who are newly subscribers and don't know what a 'Dare to Wear' challenge is, here is a little explanation (taken from my first challenge post):

"If you are up for it, I have decided that I will challenge my subscribers to recreate looks from the pictures I post on my blog. It doesn't have to be an exact copy of the look, but rather a look that is inspired by the pictures. Those of you who have blogs can post your recreated looks for all of your subscribers to see (maybe a FOTD?), and those of you who don't have blogs can do it just for fun or for practice"

The look for this new challenge was sent to me by one of my subscribers. She really likes the look and wants to see how everyone interprets it and makes it their own. So without further ado, I dare you to recreate a look from Miley Cyrus's music video for the song 'Can't be tamed'(video is posted at the bottom of this post):

You have 2 weeks to complete this challenge and I will be posting all of your looks in an updated blog on Saturday, October 9th. If you decide to take the challenge and create a look, please be sure to post the link to your look in the comment section below (I don't want to miss including your photos so please post the link). If you don't have a blog, email me the pictures of your look to 

Goodluck to everyone that decided to take the challenge. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

M.A.C's Venomous Villains Release Party

Last night my sister and I went to the release party for M.A.C's 'Venomous Villains' collection at our local M.A.C store. I believe M.A.C has these release parties twice a year (one in February and one in September). I got my invitation a couple of weeks ago from a friend who works at M.A.C, but anyone can get an invitation to these events by calling their local M.A.C store.

I had never been to one of these events before, so I was surprised to find out that they actually shut down the store from 7pm-9pm for the party. My sister and I had signed up for the 7pm time spot and had been told not to be late or we would lose our turn to see the collection. We got there 10 minutes early and waited in a roped off line until the event started. In order to get into the event, you had to give them your full name and, if you wanted to have a drink inside, show them your I.D.

The store we went to is quite small and was very crowded. There were several large posters of the different villains around the store and two cutouts of the Evil Queen and Cruela Deville. The entire collection was displayed on a table in the middle of the store, and there were several M.A.C ladies around to help you try out different pieces from the collection. There were raspberry mojitos for those of age (unfortunately I forgot my I.D so I wasn't allowed to have any), a few different little hors d'ouerves and chocolate tarts being passed around on trays. Finally, everyone was given a pen and a piece of paper that contained all of the names of the different products from the collection, so you could check off what you wanted to buy and when you were finished looking, you could hand in your paper and the M.A.C staff would collect up what you wanted and ring through your purchase.

There were so many people around the collection table that we decided to check out the rest of the party first. In one corner of the room, there were two costumes to dress up in. One costume (Evil Queen) consisted of a crown and cape and the other (Cruella DeVille) consisted of a fur coat, long arm length gloves, a wig and a pair of sunglasses. We went over to take a look and before we knew it we had been dressed in the costumes and one of the M.A.C ladies was taking our picture with an old polaroid camera. It was a little embarrassing being the first ones in the costume, but it also made for a good story and picture for this blog.

Once people began clearing away from the main table, we made our way over to the collection and began swatching. I'd seen the collection and all of the swatches on the Temptalia website and surprisingly didn't find much I was interested in. I thought this might change once I actually got to see the collection in person, but, to be honest, there wasn't much I wanted to buy. All of the packaging was really cute, but its appeal was quickly diminished when I found out that the prices of the products in  collection had been raised at least of a couple of dollars from regular M.A.C prices.

In the end, I got two pieces from the entire collection, both from the Evil Queen part of the collection. The first product is a very bright red-coral lipstick called 'Toxic Tale'. I have a lot of coral lipsticks but I couldn't pass this one up because it is so bright, so smooth and super opaque. To be honest I was kind of surprised to see this colour of lipstick in the collection as most of the other lipsticks were darker and seemed more appropriate for fall. The second item I got was 'Bite Of An Apple' blush. The colour of the blush is pretty much an exact match for the 'Toxic Tale' lipstick. Although the blush looks super bright in the package, it actually applies very little colour to the cheek making it more appropriate for fall looks.

Overall the party was really fun and it was awesome being able to see and swatch the collection before it is officially released on September 30th. I think it's so cool that M.A.C and Disney were able to work together and come up with a collection based on some of the most evil villains from past Disney movies and I can't wait to use my new products. To see a list of all of the products in the collection as well as photos and swatches from the new collection, you can click here.

Let me know in the comments below which items you are most excited to get your hands on when the collection hits stores next week.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered my September giveaway. I am so in love with lipsticks right now and you have suggested so many great ones for me to try.

After counting all of the entries for my September giveaway, I ended up with a total of 151. I then went to and used their true random number generator to generate a random number between 1 and 151. That number was 121. 

I then went into my excel spreadsheet where I recorded all of the entries to find the winner. So, the winner of two of my favourite Revlon lipstick and one of my homemade rings is....EZZY!

Congratulations Ezzy, I will be sending you an email to get your mailing information so I can send you your prize. 

Thanks again to everyone who entered. If you haven't already entered my big 300 subscribers giveaway, you can do so here. Also, be sure to check back for my October giveaway. I will be giving away 4 'Joe Fresh' eyeshadows. 


Monday, September 20, 2010

Experimental Makeup Look # 10

Hey Everyone,

First of all I have to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my blog. Today I reached 400 followers. I am enjoying blogging more and more everyday and never could have imagined how rewarding this experienced could be. 
If you haven't already entered my 300 subscribers giveaway, please do. I really want to give back to all of you for being such loyal friends. 

Its been awhile since I posted an experimental makeup look. Luckily, me, my sisters and some of our friends got together this weekend for a "spa day". Instead of paying lots of money to get manicures, pedicures and facials, we did them ourselves. For facials, we had a face steamer, a good exfoliating face wash, a tightening and wrinkle reducing mask and finally cool gel eye patches to de-puff and remove dark circles from our eyes. For pedicures we had a vibrating foot bath, a foot mud mask, an exfoliating cream, and some cooling lotion. My sister Krista is the only one who can properly paint nails, so she had the task of painting everyone's toes and fingers. 

For our spa day, we also got a chance to play around with makeup and I got a chance to do a 5-minute makeup look on Krista. 
Last week, The Bay (a big Canadian department store) had a Clinique event where anyone who spent over $26.50 got a free makeup bag filled with 6 mini Clinique products. The bag contained the following:

1) Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream: This cream claims to 'nudge' away roughness and flakiness and refine skin.
2) Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: Maintains optimal moisture levels for dry to very dry skin
3) All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage: Refreshes tired and puffy looking eyes
4) Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad: containing the following colours: This quad comes with 4 gorgeous shades perfect for fall: "Stone Violet"(a matte brown toned plum), "Beach Plum" (a shimmering plum with pink sparkles), "Frosted Blossom" (a shimmering light blue toned pink), and "Night Plum" (a matte smoky plum).
5)High Impact Mascara in 'Black': A volumizing mascara that claims to make lashes "lusher, longer and bolder". 
6)High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 in 'Extreme Pink': A red toned pink lipstick that moisturizes lips and protects from harmful UV rays.

I wanted to test out the contents of this bag, so I decided to do Krista's 5 minute makeup look using all Clinique products(with one exception). Here are the results:

In keeping with the idea of doing a quick 5 minute makeup, I chose to use only the colours from the Clinique quad mentioned above. I started by covering Krista's entire eye with the lightest shimmering pink colour ('Frosted Blossom') focusing more attention on highlighting the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bone. I then used 'Beach Plum' (the shimmering plum) and applied it to the entire lower lid, making sure not to bring the colour above the crease. For Krista's crease I used the brown toned plum ('Stone Violet') to add definition to the eyes. Finally to make the eyes appear more smoky, I used the darkest shade ('Night Plum') and blended it into the outer corners of Krista's eyes. I do not own a Clinique eyeliner so I used Maybelline's 'Line Stiletto' liner to create a thin line on Krista's upper lash line. Finally, I used Clinique's 'High Definition Mascara' and an eyelash curler to pump up the volume on Krista's eyelashes.

There was no cheek colour included in the Clinique makeup bag, but I do own one Clinique blush from last fall's collection. Clinique's 'Fresh Picked Cheek Colour' in "Mixed Berries" has 3 different shades. The lightest shade is a shimmering pink, the medium shade is a bronzed pink and the darkest shade is a red toned plum. For Krista's cheeks I combined the two darker shades and added them to the apples of Krista's cheeks for a more youthful look. I then used the light pink colour as a highlight and applied it to the top of Krista's cheekbones. 

I decided that I wanted to keep Krista's lips bright and colourful. Had it been a summer look, I would have used a light glossy pink on Krista's lips, but I believe that combining a bright eye and bright lip works for fall. For Krista's lips I used the High Impact Lip Colour in 'Extreme Pink' (included in the kit). Because this lipstick is so smooth and moisturizing I didn't have to add any lipgloss on top. 

I was really happy with the way this look turned out. It was quick and easy to do, but it comes off looking polished and is perfect for fall.

Let me know what you think of the look and what your favourite makeup look for fall is in the comment section below. If you haven't already entered, tomorrow is the last day to enter my September giveaway (not the 300 subscribers giveaway). 


Sunday, September 19, 2010

300 Subscribers Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

Hey everyone,

I am so excited to finally post my 300 subscribers giveaway (better late than never). I owe a huge thank you to everyone who has not only subscribed to my blog, but also written me the most encouraging, kind and meaningful comments. I can honestly say that my subscribers are my friends. To show my gratitude to all of you, I have put together a giveaway that I hope will express how much you all mean to me. So without further ado, here are the prizes one lucky subscriber will win:


Part # 1: Candy Striped Makeup Bag

I am so excited about this first prize. I met Bonnie from Plaid Poni Designs on etsy when I was looking for a cute makeup bag to add to my giveaway. After telling her about my subscribers and my giveaway, Bonnie generously offered to donate one of her 'Pink Candy Stripe Boxy Bags'. With its chunky pink and brown stripes, this is honestly one of the cutest makeup bags I have ever seen.

Bonnie began making her own cosmetics bags a year ago, after she noticed that the makeup bags offered in stores were either too expensive, too small or just too ugly. All of Bonnie's bags are big enough to fit your favourite cosmetics, but small enough to pack and travel with. All bags have a zipper enclosure, a handle on the side for easy carrying, and are fully lined with a clear vinyl making them easy to clean and ensuring that the fabric does not get stained or ruined. Bonnie hand picks all of the fabrics herself, ensuring that all of her bags are attractive and fashion forward. To see Bonnie's full collection of adorable makeup bags, click here.

No makeup bag is complete without some makeup in it, so here are the rest of the prizes (all purchased myself):

Part #2: Urban Decay's 'Naked Palette":

* This palette has become one of Urban Decay's hottest selling products. With 12 neutral eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners and a mini bottle of primer potion, this palette can help you achieve hundreds of different looks.

Part # 3: M.A.C Lipsticks x 4 and M.A.C Lipglosses x 2:

*M.A.C Lipstick in 'Alibi: A rosey-coral toned satin finish lipstick.
*M.A.C Liptick in 'Colour Me Coral': A pink-coral toned frost finish lipstick.
*M.A.C Lipstick in 'Riveting': A brown-plum toned glaze finish lipstick.
*M.A.C Slimshine Lipstick in 'Gentle Simmer': A peachy-pink toned moisturizing lipstick.
*M.A.C Lustreglass in 'Lustrewhite': A clear lipgloss with iridescent sparkles.
*M.A.C Dazzleglass in 'Roman Holiday': A golden-pink lipgloss with gold sparkles.

Part # 4: M.A.C Eyeshadows x 2 and M.A.C Brow Pencil:

* M.A.C Eyeshadow in 'Lustreleaf': A mint-green eyeshadow with silver sparkles.
* M.A.C Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo in 'Family Silver: Light and dark silver eyeshadows with brown veining.
* M.A.C Impeccable Brow Pencil in Taupe: A medium brown toned brow pencil.

Part # 5: M.A.C Nailpolish and Forever 21 Nail Files:

* M.A.C Nailpolish in 'Gee Whiz': A red toned pink opaque and creamy nail polish.
* Forever 21 Double Sided Nail Files: Purple with red heats and pink glitter.


1) You must be a subscriber to my blog (If your subscriber name is different from the name shown on your comment, please let me know so I don't discount your entries).

2) Please leave your email address at the bottom of your entry so I can notify you if you win.

3) The giveaway will run for 3 weeks and all entries need to be in by Sunday, October 10th.

4) The giveaway is international, so anyone can enter.


There are several ways to enter. You can do all of the following to earn 19 entries in total:

1) Mandatory entry: Tell me what prize you are most excited about (counts for 1 entry).

2) Visit Bonnie's Etsy shop (Plaid Poni Designs) HERE and tell me the name of the cosmetic bag design you like the best i.e. 'Pink Candy Stripe' (counts for 2 extra entries).

3) Post my giveaway in your sidebar. Include the picture at the top of this post. Leave a link in the comment section (counts for 3 extra entries).

4) Write a post about my giveaway on your blog. Include the picture at the top of this post., Leave a link in the comment section (counts for 5 extra entries). **You can do a post and a sidebar for 8 entries total**

5) Make a video about my giveaway. Leave a link in the comment section (counts for 8 extra entries). 

Thank you once again for being such amazing subscribers and friends. Good luck to everyone!!!

Beauty Quote of the Week #13

"Beauty is as beauty does. We're remembered not by what we looked like but how we behaved and changed the lives of others. 
~ Cristina Carlino

Thursday, September 16, 2010

V.I.P (Very Important Post)

This is a beauty blog that also includes posts about inner beauty. I realize this is a long post but it would mean a lot if you read it through. If you don't have time, please skip to the bolded section near the bottom of the post.

Years ago, when I was in highschool I used to nanny for Kate and her brother and sister. I have kept in touch with her family throughout the years and was really impressed when I found out she and her grandpa were travelling to Ghana, Africa this summer to volunteer with the company cross cultural solutions. 

Here is a bit of information on the program:

"Each year, thousands of people volunteer abroad with CCS, making a difference overseas and touching lives across the world. With 25,000 volunteers, our work in caregiving, teaching, healthcare and community development supports the progress of the communities overseas, and back home" 

Kate and her grandfather spent 3 weeks in Ghana teaching local children English, building a school house, participating in local traditions and learning about a whole new culture. 

This is what Kate had to say about her experience abroad: 

"This summer I was privileged enough to be able to take a three week volunteer trip with my grandpa to Ghana, Africa. On our journey I met the most amazing people, whether they were the other volunteers, locals, or the students in my class, they all inspired me to be a better person." 

Every year Cross Cultural Solutions holds a photo contest for all of their volunteers. Volunteers are encouraged to submit a photo that best represents their experience abroad. This year there were over 1000 submissions. CCS narrowed down these submissions to 40 photos that best captured the CCS experience

Kate's Photo (seen above) was one of the final 40). Here is what Kate had to say about her photo:

"This little boy was one of the students who kept me positive throughout my experience and I chose this photo because it embodies the Ghanian life style; happy, hopeful and free".

The individual who gets the most facebook 'likes' on their photo will win the grand prize. If Kate wins this photo contest she will have the opportunity to travel to any Latin American country and once again volunteer her time in hopes of changing the lives of the individuals she meets.  

Here is where you can help. If have a couple of minutes to spare, please click on THIS LINK and like the CCS group: 

Then you can click on THIS LINK and 'like' Kate's individual picture

You can also click on THIS LINK and 'like' Kate's grandpa's picture (also in the top 40, seen below)

Voting ends Monday at 5pm. I just think Kate is such an amazing young woman who is beautiful both inside and out, and really hope she wins the prize so she can continue to positively impact other people's lives.  

Thanks for reading this
Be sure to check out the video of their experience below