Saturday, March 19, 2011

Red Carpet Contest: 19 Amazing Entries

Hey Everyone, 

On Thursday I posted the winning looks from my Red Carpet Contest and asked if you would like to see pictures of all of the entries. 
The consensus was YES! Here are all 19 AMAZING contest entries: 

Alice from Pretty Wonderful

Vonnie from Socialite Dreams

Candice from Caffeinated Beauty

Leslie from Girly's Beauty

Kaitlynn from My Name is Kaitlynn

Shaylee Anne from Cosmetically Curious


Cerina Marie from Cerina Marie

Renee from The E Girl

Dee from Painted Faces

Shawna from The Miss Twist

Ailah from Cosmetic Blur

Eszter from Makeup On A Budget

Barbie from Drop Dead Gorgeous

Thank you to all of the amazing ladies who entered the competition. I was blown away by your talent! 



  1. Judging this was so hard.. Only three winners could be and there was so many great looks!!
    Everyone has some pretty awesome skills and confidence there :)

  2. i just realized how horribly ghostly i look in my picture lol!
    Wow everyone looks so pretty...I can't wait until you hold another contest :D

  3. they're all soooo amazing! I loveeee it

  4. In all honesty what I somehow find the most amazing of all the entries in my eyes is that everyone picked looks of someone famous that once we did our makeup we look amazingly close to the originals down to the hair and almost face shape. It's almost surreal.

  5. Those are amazing! I love so many of them!

  6. Shayleen Anne(?)'s look is amazing! All are beautiful :) x

  7. oohh my gosh beautiful!!! The time this contest ends was when I'm still in hongkong for vacation, but on your next contest I will really join!!!^o^

  8. Everyone did a great job! (^_^)

  9. I love Vonnie's look! That color looks great!

  10. Everyone did ABSOLUTELY amazing. Everyone looks so pretty too, but my favorite was Vonnie's. (:

  11. Great job ladies...! Honestly I am blown away by how well everyone did in re-creating these looks.

  12. I like Vonnie's picture.
    They're all really good though. Everyone put so much work into them.

  13. love the Nicki Minaj entries, and the katy perry and Leona Lewis ones but they are all fab really!


  14. I'm so glad you posted these all, everyone did such a fantastic job and I'm glad everyone was recognized! Now other people can see why it was so hard to judge this contest ; )

  15. It is really cool to see all the entries. I can tell you that i love all of them... I am so grateful the judges loved my look.


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