Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FOTD: It's Never Too Hot for the Blues

Hey Everyone, 

It is so hot out today. So hot, in fact, that all of my makeup melted off of my face moments after taking these pictures. Today I decided to go for another bright summer eye look look, but rather than placing colour on my lower lash line (like my post here), I decided to add a pop of bright blue eyeliner to my upper lash line. To complete the blue eye look, I used a blue coloured mascara on my lashes. For my face, I kept it simple with a pink cheek and pink stained lips. I also decided to play around with my new hair and used a diffuser to dry my natural wavy hair into messy curls. Here is my FOTD: 

Lid: MAC eyeshadow in 'Orb'
Crease: MAC eyeshadow in 'Soft Brown'
Liner: Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in 'Lapis'
Lashes: Gosh Amazing Lenghthin Build in 'Electric Blue'

Foundation: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in 'Nude'
Bronzer: Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
Cheeks: Tarte's Natural Cheek Stain in 'Flush' and NYC Cheek Glow in 'Cherry Blossom'
Highlighter: NARS Illuminator in 'Copacabana'

Korres Lip Butter in 'Quince'



  1. LOVIN' the blue! You look amazing! xxx

  2. I know this is a fotd post, but your hair looks really pretty like this! :)

  3. Those blues look awesome of you, but I can't get over how cute your hair is!!!

  4. you look lovely! such a pretty shade of blue. your hair looks fab wavy too!

    Alice x

  5. Nice summer look. I really like the print on your top

  6. I love the blue liner. I can't get over how gorgeous your hair looks. :)

  7. That is a beautiful royal blue eye liner, and I absolutely love the way you have your hair today. XD The hair seems to be a unanimous like for you!!

    I did a similar look today with a winged splash of Sour Blast on my upper lash line which I'm going to feature in an eye of the day I believe tomorrow. Great minds thinking alike.

  8. Love the blue! It matches so nicely with your floral print outfit. ^^

  9. I love your hair like that! Cute top!! XX

  10. I looove the look, and your hair!! xx

  11. The foundation looks so natural! You do not look like you're melting at all lol -- but I know how it is to attempt to hurry and snap an outdoors picture in this ridiculous hit before you sweat. And of course your hair looks adorable!!

  12. I love blue liner! And your hair is so cute :)

  13. I really love your hair like that. Very girly! xo

  14. I love your new hair :)
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