Monday, September 12, 2011

TAG: I Love Lipstick!

Hey Everyone, 

I first saw this 'I Love Lipstick' tag over at Heather of Heather Does Makeup's blog, and decided I really wanted to do it. Two years ago, you would be lucky to find 5 lipsticks in my collection but, since starting this blog, I have a new found love for them. For the most part, lipsticks seem to last longer than lipgloss and, because they are usually more pigmented, they are better for those of us who love a bright pop of colour on the lips. Here is the 'I Love Lipstick' tag:

1) How many lipsticks do you own?:
To be honest, I'm too scared to count. I know I own way too many and most likely won't use up many of them before they go bad. I don't even know how I came to have so many lipsticks. Two years ago I was a lipgloss only girl! If I had to estimate, I would say I have 60+ lipsticks (eeeks!).

2) What is the first lipstick you ever bought?: 
Oh man, I have no idea. I can't even remember when I purchased my first lipstick. I do, however, remember my first 'back to MAC' lipstick (before you could get an eyeshadow or lipgloss instead). It was 'Midimauve', a rose-brown lustre lipstick that went on quite sheer. 

3) What is your newest lipstick?:
Finally a question I can actually answer. I recently purchased three lipstick's from Buxom Cosmetics. Their Big & Healthy lipsticks come in lip pencil form making them easier to apply and they have a 'minty' plumping effect which makes the lips feel amazing! I bought the colours 'Las Vegas' (a rosy-pink), 'Monte Carlo' (a hot pink) and 'San Franciso' (a light berry). I will definitely be posting a review on these. 

4) What is your favourite brand for lipsticks?: 
I'm not sure I have a favourite brand for lipsticks. I like MAC lipsticks, which make up the majority of my collection. They are nicely pigmented, smell great and come in a great variety of finishes. I also really like Revlon lipsticks for their pigmentation and staying power. Finally, even though I just purchased them, I really like the Buxom lipsticks because of how minty and moisturizing they feel on my lips. 

5) What is your favourite pink lipstick?:
My favourite pink lipstick is MAC's 'Lustering', a bright, berry pink with a lustre finish that leaves the lips looking nice and glossy. This is definitely the type of pink that looks good all year long. 

6) What is your favourite nude lipstick?:
Nude lipsticks don't usually look great on me, but I have found one that works with my skintone and my highly pigmented lips. Essence's 'Creamy Nude' is a brown-toned nude with pink undertones  that at $1.99 USD is a total steal. 

7) What is your favourite peach/coral lipstick?:
This was definitely the hardest category to narrow down to one. I love coral lipsticks and have a ton of favourites. If I had to choose one, I would pick MAC's 'Vegas Volt', a bright, super opaque, orange-coral. If you like bold lips, and don't own this colour, get on it!

8) What is your favourite red lipstick?
Surprisingly, as much as I like sporting a really bold lip, I don't find myself wearing red often. When I do go for red, I like to use MAC's 'Cockney', a glossy orange-toned red that can we worn sheerly or built up for a stronger look. 

9) What is your favourite hot pink lipstick?:
I love pink--especially when it is hot! There are so many hot pink lipsticks I would love to mention (and probably will in the future), but for now I have managed to choose one favourite. MAC's 'Impassioned' lipstick, an 'amplified' bright pink lipstick is a cult favourite and I can completely see why. This lipstick looks good on any skin tone, looks great in summer and is a nice pick me up colour for the colder months. 

10) What is your favourite brown lipstick?
I don't think I own any true brown lipsticks, but if I had to choose one close to that colour, it would be MAC's 'Dubonnet', a dark plummy-brown with berry undertones that looks scary in the tube (can you say goth!?) but actually gives the lips a nice deep, berry look perfect for fall. 

11) What is your favourite rose lipstick?:
Revlon's 'Soft Rose' is not only my favourite rose lipstick but also my favourite lipstick for fall. 'Soft Rose' is a dusty brown-rose that works as a neutral with brighter eye looks or as a pop of colour with more neutral eye looks. My favourite way to wear this lipstick in under NARS's 'Dolce Vita' lipgloss (my favourite rose gloss). 

12) What is your favourite plum lipstick?: 
I don't own many Maybelline lipsticks, but the line's 'Bit of Berry' lipstick is definitely my favourite plummy shade. Like Revlon's 'Soft Rose', this brown-berry lipstick has a really dusty feel, but has more purple and plum undertones. This lipstick is very pigmented and gives the lips a completely opaque look. 

There was another question in this tag asking about my favourite lipgloss, however, I have decided rather than listing off a bunch of gloss names, I would use the same format of this post to share all of my favourite glosses (ie. favourite red gloss). So, be sure to keep an eye out for that post. 

In the meantime, I tag all of my subscribers to do this post. I would love to see what lipsticks you love and maybe add some of them to my ever growing collection.


  1. what an awesome post!!! I love Revlon & MAC lippies too but only the creme & amplified finishes, respectively. Nars is definitely up there too, as is NYX & Rimmel :))

  2. Such a cute photo, great idea! I only have a few MAC lippies so far but love Lustering=) Want Impassioned but it is always sold out, must be a winner;)

  3. This is a cute post! I'm not sure if I have enough lipsticks to give it a try, but it sounds like fun :)

  4. Great post! I am totally on the beginning end of my lipstick collection... and I don't like most of them! I need to work at that. Did the MAC artists help you pick out those colors?

  5. I don't really wear bright lips. Am in love with Modesty by MAC now for work though..thanks for sharing this post! =)

  6. I'm surprised to say I really like the Mac Dubonnet and Cockney although I'd never picture myself wearing them. I wonder if I even have enough lip colors/glosses to do a post like this. I've really scaled back lately on what I have. I'm trying to use what I do have before buying new or I stick to specific colors I've used for years and don't venture into new shades. Or I cocktail/mix colors to make something new...LOL

  7. wow you have allot of favorites great choices

  8. Lovely reading - thanks!
    I'll be doing this tag on my blog later today. :)

  9. Nice choices :D I really want both MAC Cockney & Dubbonet!

  10. Love this post! I'm definitely going to have to check out a few of these shades.

  11. I'm new to your blog, what a great post!
    I really want Vegas Volt but I'm worried I'll look like a clown :(

  12. Great post! I love this tag -except I tend to have only nudes, pinks and a couple of reds in my collection so I'd be a bit stuck for the other categories! xx

  13. LOVE this post! ....really need to find a nice red for my fair complexion:-)

  14. Great picks! MAC Dubonnet is a personal favourite

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