Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Q & A

Hey Everyone, 

One of the best parts of the Beautylish Beauty Social I went to in Santa Monica, was listening to Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog talk about her advice for fellow beauty bloggers. One thing she said, that really stood out to me, was that subscribers really respond to blogs that include a personal touch in their posts. I love this idea (or really just love talking about myself), and have decided to take Karen's Monday polls and post my answers on my blog every week. I give full credit to Karen for the questions, and encourage you to post your answers to her questions on her blog, on your blog, and/or on my blogHere is this week's poll: 

1) Mood: While I have gone through my share of more serious medical problems, there are two medical issues that make me extremely grumpy: having a cold sore or having a sore throat. Unfortunately, I have both at the moment. Grumpy for sure!

2) Your most memorable Hallowe'en Costume: It has been forever since I dressed up for Hallowe'en, but as a kid, I remember my mom making the best homemade costumes. My favourite, and most creative, was a half man, half woman look. She sewed together half a skirt and half a pair of pants, took a fedora and decorated one side with lace and flowers, gave me pretty makeup on one side and a mustache on the other. It was really cool and definitely the costume I remember liking the most.  

3) Who knows you better than anyone else?: I have always been extremely close with my mom and tell her pretty much anything (I'm not great at keeping things from my family), so I would have to say she probably knows me better than anyone else. Speaking of telling my family everything, I have a funny story showing just how bad I am at keeping secrets from them. When I was 18 and had just got my G1 drivers permit (basically you couldn't drive in the car without an adult), my parents were away and I was in desperate need of getting some laundry detergent at the store (we were out, and I needed to clean a certain outfit because the boy I liked was coming over the next day). So, I decided to take my mom's car to the shopping center and get some detergent. I felt really guilty and, when my parents got home, I told them about it. Having always been a bit of a goody goody, they didn't believe me, and thought I was trying to sound 'all bad ass'. It took me 6 months of trying to convince them that I really had taken the car before they grounded me from TV for a week. My friends thought I was an idiot for telling them again and again but my conscious wasn't clear until they believed me.

4) What's the first thing you do when you get off work/out of school?: It's been a while since I was in school or had a steady job, but I remember the first thing I would do when I got home from school was change into pyjamas. It wouldn't matter if I had somewhere to go that evening, I loved my pj's and would wear them around the house as often as I could. 

5) What's the most awkward movie-watching experience you've ever endured with your family?: My family is pretty open so I don't usually feel embarrassed watching 'love scenes' with them, but I had just received five seasons of Sex and the City for my birthday and my dad decided to watch the show with my sisters, my friend and myself. It was definitely uncomfortable. 

6) How many times have you been in love?: None

7) Which game show would you like to be a contestant on?: My sisters and I always say we would like to be on family feud. It drives us nuts when the families on the show are so encouraging of each other saying "good answer" when really it was the worst answer anyone could ever give. We'd definitely bring some real family dynamic to the show, probably screaming at each other for giving such stupid answers. Needless to say, family feud won't be calling us anytime soon. 

8) If you have one, tell me about your fitness routine?: I was working with a trainer for a while and we would do light cardio and a bunch of stretching (I can't do much with my fibro). Lately, however, I haven't been working with her as much and really need to get back on track. 

9) Favourite Hallowe'en trick or treat?: Chocolate wise, definitely Reese's peanut butter cups (who ever invented chocolate and peanut butter was a genius!). Candy wise, definitely sour patch kids. Unfortunately, we don't have any trick or treaters that come to our house, so we don't have any candy for me to steal.

10) Weekly goals: I want to post at least one blog post a day this week. So far, I'm on track (but it's only Monday). 

I really hope you take this poll and either leave either your answers, or a link to your answers, below. 



  1. i loved reading your answers - look forward to next weeks too :) xx

  2. Haha the Halloween costume sounds like a great idea. This was fun! i am sure one day when you do fall in love you will be extremely happy. Hugs

  3. This is such a good idea :) i love reading stuff like this :)


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