Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Experimental Makeup: New Years Eve Look

Hey Everyone, 

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Mine was quiet, but nice. My family usually spends Christmas at our cottage, but because it is currently under renovation, we stayed home this year. We wore our pyjamas all day (including at the dinner table), opened gifts, played board games, and did some baking. Overall, it was a good day. 

Since my sister Krista is staying at my parents house over the holidays, I decided to take advantage of having her here, and practice my makeup skills by creating a simple a New Years Eve look. 

While in the US last week, I grabbed one of Elf's six pan eyeshadow palettes that was on clearance for $2.55 USD at Target. 'The Smoky Eyeshadow Palette' comes with six, well-pigmented, grey and purple toned shadows. Wanting to test out my new shadows (and do a more affordable makeup look), I decided to use the Elf palette to create Krista's look.

To create a nice even base for Krista's makeup, I used Face Atelier's Pro Ultra Foundation in #2. This foundation is silicone based, making it great for those who want to hide larger pores or blemishes, because it sits on top of the skin, rather than soaking into it. Next, I used Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer in 'Warm Ivory' to cover a few of the blemishes on Krista's face. To hide the dark circles under Krista's eyes I used Eve Pearl's Salmon concealer in 'Light', followed by Benefit's 'Powderflage', both of which work to lighten and brighten the under eye area. Finally to set her foundation and concealer, I used MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish in 'Light Plus' (a light, powder foundation). 

Wanting to keep Krista's cheeks fairly simple, I started by lightly contouring her cheekbones with Bourjois 'Delice de Poudre'  (my all time favourite bronzer). Next I used MAC's 'Emphasize Powder' (a matte cream toned powder with a hint of white shimmer) to highlight the tops of her cheekbones. To add some colour to Krista's cheeks, I used Face Atelier's 'Facade' in 'Livid' (a berry toned, gel-like cheek and lip tint I have fallen in love with) followed by Yaby's 'Powder Blush' in 'BL020' (a dusty mauve-pink)

As I mentioned above, I used Elf's Smoky Eye Palette to create the  eye look. To begin, I used shadow #4 (a creamy taupe shadow with a hint of purple) all over Krista's lid. Next I blended shadow #5 (a charcoal grey with silver glitter) into Krista's crease. To add a hint of colour, I used both shadow #2 (a light purple with silver glitter) and #3 (a darker blue toned purple) on the outer 1/3 of her lids. To help blend all of the shadows out, and add a bit of light to Krista's browbone, I used shadow #1 (a matte white with silver shimmer. Finally, I used shadow #6 to line Krista's upper lash line. To complete the eye look I used Clinique's 'Brush on Cream Liner in True Black', L'Oreal's Voluminous False Lash Mascara and MAC's '#32' False Lashes. 

I wanted to give Krista 'simple but fun' lips, so I started by using a light layer of MAC's Longwear Lipcreme in 'Red Dwarf' (a dusty berry-red lipstick). To add a little sparkle to the lips, I applied a light coat of MAC's Dazzleglass in 'Funtabulous' (a bright purple lipgloss filled with pink and blue iridescent glitter.)

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty proud of myself for this look. A year ago, I had no idea how to apply gel liner or apply false lashes. While I still struggle with both, I definitely think I am improving. 

I love the overall look. It is 'fancy' enough for New Years Eve without being too over the top. I was really impressed by the Elf palette and would definitely recommend picking one up if you happen to find one at your local Target. 

Krista will be staying at my parents place for the next week, so please let me know if you would like to see another New Years Eve (or other occasion) makeup. 



  1. It looks soo great! It's amazing. :) I'm waiting for winners of 'name that coral gloss' : >

    Greetings :**

  2. Your sister's lucky to have you do her makeup.
    By the way, I get a kick out of Eastern Canadians calling their vacation places "cottages" while Western Canadians call them "cabins". I'm a West Coast girl. :)

  3. You two are so alike!! Love the MAC glitter combination on lips.

  4. beautiful makeup. visit me sometime :)

  5. are you satisfied with elf's products? i just got some lipsticks from them and no me gusta at all >.< i mean, the shades are pretty but they're very hard to apply and the stick breaks fast...Dx
    i also think that with your skills the eye make up on this girl could look a lot better if the eyeshadows were of a better quality...>.<

  6. @jean...I actually thought they were fairly good quality shadows. Are they as good as MAC? No, but they are much less expensive and the more affordable option for special occasions.

  7. I love purpley pink duochromey lips and I LOVE Funtabulous :D


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