Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Favourites

Hey Everyone, 

Before I get into my June favourites (yay, I'm actually on time), I quickly wanted to announce the winner of my June giveaway. After counting all of the entries for my June giveaway, I used to generate a number between 1 and 328. The number that was generated was 210, so, the winner of my June giveaway is White Lotus Flower. Congratulations, I have already sent out your package. 

While still on my project 10 pan (Help! I haven't even used up one product yet), June has been another month of re-discovering old favourites. This month I tried to embrace colour and have been wearing a bold lip or cheek most days. I have also been loving the 'bronzed' look and because I actually got a tan in Nashville (read horrible sunburn that slowly faded into a tan), I have been reaching for some of my favourite bronzing products. Jewelry has been another huge favourite for the month of June (I'll admit it, with my makeup addiction curbed, I have found a new love to waste money on) and I have decided to include some of my favourite pieces in this favourites post. So without further ado, here are my favourites for the month of June:

1) MAC Paint Pots in 'Rubenesque and Indianwood': While I have always used paint pots (mainly MAC's 'Painterly) as a base for powdered eyeshadow, this month I have embraced a more simplistic eye look and worn both 'Rubenesque' and 'Indianwood' alone as an all over lid color. 'Rubenesque' is a peachy-gold tone cream shadow with fine flecks of golden glitter that sparkle and shine in the sunlight. 'Indianwood' is a deep brown-bronze colour with a hint of gold that is perfect for both a daytime and nighttime summer smoky eye. Both paint pots are fairly creamy and are easily applied to the lid using either a brush or your fingers. Once on the lid, these do not smudge (trust me, I've tried) and last throughout the entire day. I do plan on doing a cream shadow comparison between MAC's paint pots, Makeup Forever's aquacreams and Benefit's creaseless cream shadows, so be sure to check back for that post. 

2) Makeup Forever High Definition Powder: When I first purchased this translucent powder at last year's Toronto Imats I was not impressed. After hearing so many rave reviews about how this HD powder gave the face a perfectly flawless appearance, I was disappointed to find out that this powder did not hide all of my blemishes and actually gave my face a very powdery finish. Not wanting to waste my money and trying to use up some old products, I decided to bring this powder with me to Nashville and give it another go. While it still doesn't give my face a completely flawless look, when worn lightly (read very lightly), it does help fill in large pores and helps even out my skin tone. Because it is completely translucent, I like to use this powder at the end of my makeup routine (after foundation, blush, highlighter, etc.) to help set my makeup and give the face a nice, smooth look. 

3) Chanel Soleil de Tan Bronzer: Two years ago I would never have dreamed of spending $60 on a bronzer (just thinking about it makes me a little queasy), so I had really high hopes last summer when I finally bit the bullet and bought the always raved 'Chanel Soleil de Tan'. Thank god I was not disappointed! With its somewhat creamy, somewhat gel-like consistency, this bronzer is amazing. It is easily blends into the skin giving the perfect bronze (not orange) glow. I like to use this bronzer as both a contour and all over face product. While I could go on about how much I love this bronzer, it really is one of those products you have to use to understand, so I highly encourage all those wanting to try this famous Chanel product out, to bite the bullet and buy it. 

4) MAC's Powder Blush in 'Eversun': When I first got this blush in a charity pack at my first ever MAC Warehouse sale, I really didn't see myself ever using it. Not only is it a fairly dark bronze colour (and I am usually very fair) it has somewhat large flecks of silver, green and gold glitter. This month, in an effort to give myself some colour, I decided to try it out. Of course, I love it! While I definitely wouldn't apply this over the entire face (unless you want to look like a glitter bug), this blush looks amazing when lightly applied to the cheeks (on top of Chanel's Soleil de Tan) for a nice summer glow. I do have an extra pot of this blush to add to my blog birthday giveaway, so be sure to check back for that.

5) Joe Fresh Cream Blush in 'Melon':  For me, one of the hardest things about doing the Project 10 Pan has been not being able to buy all of the gorgeous cream blushes that have come out this summer (blush is my weakness!). Luckily for me, I purchased Joe Fresh's Melon, a gorgeous, bright, pink-coral coloured cream blush back in early spring. This super creamy blush blends nicely into the skin giving the cheeks a powder-like finish and because it is so pigmented, only a tiny amount is needed to give the cheeks a perfect pop of summer colour. If you live in Canada and have access to the Joe Fresh line, I highly recommend you pick up this blush. 

6) MAC Lipstick in 'Lustering': If you were to come to my house and look in my lipstick cupboard (cupboard?!..yes, this is why I started a project 10 pan), you would definitely notice my weakness for bold colours. While nudes can look nice on the lips, I love adding a pop of colour to the face using a bright pink, orange, coral, purple, etc. lipstick. This month's hands down favourite is MAC's 'Lustering', a bright berry pink that glides on smoothly, giving the lips a really glossy appearance. While I like a really bright look, those who like a more tuned down look can still use this gorgeous colour by applying it to the lips and blotting some product off with a tissue. Because this lipstick is one of MAC's 'lustres', it is super moisturizing which is an added bonus for my always dry lips.

7) MAC's Lipstick in 'Impassioned': While somewhat similar in colour to MAC's 'Lustering', MAC's Impassioned lipstick packs more punch (this lipstick is not for sissies). As one of MAC's 'Amplified Cream' lipsticks, Impassioned is less glossy and more pigmented. Because of its coral (rather than berry) undertone, 'Impassioned' gives the lips a neon-like look which we all know is one of the biggest trends for summer. If you are not afraid of colour and have been looking for a bright neon lipstick, definitely check MAC's 'Impassioned' out. 

8) Bold and Colourful Watches: As someone who doesn't always have the best choice of clothing (have you checked out your local plus size section lately), I honestly believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. As with my makeup, I like to wear a lot of bold and colourful pieces of jewelry. While away in Nashville at the beginning of the month, I found a store selling $10, colourful, rubber watches. These watches, which have a fake diamond encrusted face, came in a variety of bold colours including orange, coral, yellow and teal. At only $10, surprisingly these watches are really great quality. My only regret? Not buying more of them for gifts and giveaway prizes. Oh well, there's always next year. 

L-R: Sea Jewels, Forever21, Sea Jewels, Earthbound Trading Company

9) Beaded Bracelets: After watching several videos by Lorraine Stanick of The Current Custom on youtube, I fell in love with her Chan Luu beaded wrap bracelets. When I found out the price however ($300-$500) I knew I had to find a cheaper alternative. After scouring stores in Nashville, Michigan, Bayfield and in my city I found a number of different beaded bracelets that which, while looking good on their own, look even better stacked. If you too love the look of beaded bracelets, I highly suggest you skip the Chan Luu prices and check out your local accessory stores. 

L-R: The Bay, Earthbound Trading Company, Homemade, Homemade.

10) Bold Rings: I have always believed that bigger is better when it comes to rings (well most accessories really). I love how even the plainest of outfits can be 'spiced-up' by a large ring (read half the size of your hand). From flowers to bows to large stones, big rings are in and I for one will continue to sport this trend all summer. 

L-R: Impassioned, Lustering, Melon, Eversun, Soleil de Tan, Rubenesque, Indianwood

As I have mentioned before, favourites posts are my favourite posts to both read and write and I really hope this post has inspired you to try out some new products or trends. 

I realize I have been somewhat neglecting this blog lately and that changes here on out. I have some really fun post plans and I always love getting requests for certain posts from all of you. 

Have you tried any of the products talked about above? What are your monthly favourites. Be sure to leave your June favourites link in the comment section below so I can see what you have been loving for the month of June. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

OOTD: McGraw Style!

Hey Everyone, 

Last night, my sister and I had the chance to go to a Tim McGraw concert. While I am not usually one to dress up for a concert, I decided to wear a dress I bought last year on my trip home from Nashville, as I haven't had a chance to wear it out in public yet. I kept my jewelry pretty minimal (at least for me) and wore my hair braided and twisted at the side of my head. Here is my look:  

Dress: Mossimo by Target
Sunglasses: Van

Evil Eye Necklace: Target
Bird Necklace: Local Crafter's Market
Hamsa Necklace: Etsy seller Shop Wrenne

Bangles: Etsy seller Frosted Willow

Beaded Bracelet: Earthbound Trading Company, Nashville

Earrings: Joe Fresh

Have you attended any concerts this summer? Do you plan to? Which ones? What will you be wearing? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below. 


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

May Favourites

Hey Everyone, 

The day before I left for Nashville, I wrote a May favourites post to be posted while I was away. Unfortunately, when I went to edit it the next day, I accidentally deleted all of it and didn't have time to re-write it before my trip. As favourites post are, in my opinion, the best posts to both write and read, I decided that late is better than never. Here are my May favourites:

1) NARS Blush in 'Desire':  I love hot pink makeup for spring and summer, and this blush is no exception. NARS' 'Desire' blush is a matte, blue-toned pink that, despite its somewhat scary appearance, when applied lightly, compliments all skin tones. While NARS blushes are on the more expensive side ($27 USD each), they are extremely pigmented meaning that the product, even if used on a regular basis, should last for years. 

2) MAC Blushcreme in 'Florida': MAC's 'Florida' blush is another hot pink makeup product I have been loving for the warmer months. While this blush has a somewhat sticky feel to it, it is extremely creamy and blends effortlessly into the cheeks leaving a natural pink glow. Unfortunately, this product was limited edition and is no longer available in stores, however, there are several other companies including NYX and Stila that carry similar products. 

3) Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lipgloss Pencil in 'Celebrity': One of the good things about being on a project 10 pan (2 months and counting!) has been re-discovering old products from my collection. This lipgloss pencil from Hard Candy has definitely been my favourite re-discovery. This pencil is creamy, glossy, highly pigmented and applies like a dream. With the sudden popularity of lipgloss pencils, this pencil (at less than $10 USD) is a great alternative. 

4) NARS Lipgloss in 'Angelika': I bought this lipgloss back in April during my trip to NYC. Since then, it is been my daily lipgloss of choice. Not only it is super pigmented (you don't need any lipstick underneath), it is not at all sticky (you know how I dislike sticky glosses), doesn't have any chunky glitter (or any glitter for that matter) and lasts on the lips longer than most of the glosses I own. 

5) Sigma Makeup F84 Angled Top Kabuki: When I asked my sisters for Sigma's 'Synthetic Face Kit' for my birthday, I was really skeptical. These days it seems like everyone and their grandma owns and/or promotes Sigma brushes on their blog, youtube channel, etc. I worried that the brand wouldn't live up to all it's hype. Well, I had nothing to worry about, these brushes are truly amazing. Not only are they synthetic (and cruelty free), they also work with every type of makeup product on the market(cream, liquid, powder). While I love all of the brushes from the kit, my favourite is definitely the F84, an angled top kabuki brushes that effortlessly blends my foundation of choice into my skin. Because this brush has an angled top, it is great for getting product into all 'corners' of the face and leaves the skin with an airbrushed appearance. 

6) L'Oreal Touche Magique Concealer in 'Rose Porcelain': This concealer is another product that has been in my collection for quite some time. While I have tried every concealer under the sun (Bobbi Brown, MAC, Hard Candy, etc.), I always seem to come back to this one. Not only does this concealer help cover my dark under-eye circles, it also has a light reflecting property that helps brighten the under eye area. I like to dot this concealer underneath the eyes in a triangular shape and use my ring finger to lightly pat it into the skin. If you are looking for a good under-eye concealer, but don't want to pay the high prices (YSL Touce Eclat, I am looking at you!), definitely check this drugstore product out. 

7) BM Beauty Mineral Foundation in 'Fairy Glow': I have always been curious about mineral powder foundation, but worried that with my acne issues, it would cling to blemishes and highlight rather than cover my problem areas. A month or so ago, I received a sample of mineral powder foundation from BM Beauty, a new makeup line out of the UK, and decided to give it a try. All I can say is LIFE CHANGING! Seriously, not only does this product have an amazing amount of coverage (bye bye acne), it blends nicely into the skin, giving the face a natural, flawless glow. I loved this product so much that I ordered a full size version (some may say this is P10P cheating, but let's be honest, foundation is boring!). If you, like me, are scared to try mineral powder foundation, definitely take the leap. You won't regret it. 

8) MAC Colour 4 Eyeshadow Quad: I bought this eyeshadow quad last year at a MAC Warehouse sale for only $15 (before they raised the  prices an exorbitant amount). This quad includes four, somewhat golden-toned shadows ('Manila Paper', a light white gold shadow, 'Flip', a shimmering gold, 'Azteck Brick', a copper shadow with a golden sheen and 'Creole Beauty', a coco brown shadow with a golden highlight) that work perfectly together to create both a daytime and nighttime summer smoky eye. While this palette is no longer available in stores, all of the colours are easily dupable. 

9) Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara: To be honest, I'm not sure why I originally bought this mascara as I have never been a fan of Maybelline's mascaras (the 'Falsies' mascara was a huge disappointment for me). After hearing so many rave reviews about the 'One by One' mascara, I gave into peer pressure and decided to give it a try. This mascara has a really cool plastic brush which helps coat each and every lash making the lashes appear longer and fuller.

Celebrity, Angelika, Manila Paper, Flip, Azteck Brick, Creole Beauty, Floriday, Desire

Have you tried any of the above products? Were they were apart of your favourites.

Friday, June 17, 2011

OOTD: Four Outfits from Nashville (Pic Heavy)

Hey Everyone, 

After 10 days of country music, more country music and even more country music, I am back from Nashville. This was my second trip to Nashville for CMA Fest and I had an absolutely amazing time. While in Nashville I had the chance to attend The Grand Ole Opry, The CMT Awards, four nights of concerts, a fan club party and more. I'm hoping to post some pictures from the trip within the next week, but figured for now, I would share some of my favourite outfits from my vacation.


Dress: Lane Bryant
Bangles: Forever 21
Earrings: H&M
Ring: The Bay


Dress: Torrid
Sunglasses: VANS
Watch: Fossil
Necklace: The Bay
Bangles: Forever 21


Top: American Rag for Macy's
Pants: Penningtons
Necklace Long: Forever 21
Necklace Short: Etsy (Shop Wrenne)
Bracelets: Etsy (Frosted Willow)
Watch: Nashville Store


Top: American Rag for Macy's
Pants: Penningtons
Earrings: The Bay
Angel Wing Bracelet: Archies
Silver Evil Eye Bracelet: Winners
Beaded Bracelet: Forever 21
Braided Bracelet: Archies
Magnetic Copper Bracelet: Sergio Lub
Watch: Nashville Store


Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Create the Perfect Winged Liner (Guest Post)

** Hey Everyone! While I am away in Nashville, I've asked some of my fellow beauty bloggers to fill in and write a guest post for FunnyFace Beauty. Today's post is from Henar, a self proclaimed 'makeupaholic' who writes her beauty blog in not one, but two languages. With beautiful EOTD looks, product reviews and comparisons, and of course hauls, Henar's blog is an all around great read. Be sure to check out her blog 'Pure Addiction' here
HOW TO: Create The Perfect Winged Liner
Hi everyone!!!
I´m Henar (or White-lotusflower on Blogger) from Pure Addiction blog.
I´m really excited to write this guest post (my first one!) on Alicia´s beauty blog (one of my favorites), I hope you like it and found it helpful J
I remember when I started on ‘makeup world’, I was in love with eyeliners with perfect wings, really compliment on any girl (for an ‘old Hollywood’ inspired look or just to create a ‘sexy cat eye look’…, really versatile!!).
Well, I was really clumsy when I tried to create perfect wings: they were different from each other, with different shapes, thickness, angle…, a complete disaster!
But, one day (when I decided that I couldn´t create perfect wings) a nice friend taught me how to create them (on any eye shape, and using gel eyeliners, eye pencils or liquid eyeliners) with simple tips and tricks.
Draw a line on your lashline, as close as possible.

I start from the outer corner to the middle,

and then, from the inner corner to the middle.


 STEP 2:
Create an imaginary line from the nose to the outer corner of the eye, or help you with a brush handle,

and continue the line.

 STEP 3:
Now, you have to attach the end of the line with the middle of the lashline.
To help you, imagine a point in the middle of your lid, for example: where the iris starts.

And fill in your wing!
Retouch, if necessary, and…

Thank you sooooo much for reading!!!...and, thank you so much, Alicia, for trusting me to write a guest post on your blog!!!