Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NOTD: World AIDS Day

Hey Everyone, 

Last night I finally had the opportunity to meet and hang out with fellow beauty blogger, Marta of Chit Chat Nails. For those of you who haven't had a chance to read her posts, Marta is an amazingly creative nail artist whose nail of the day posts put others to shame. Luckily for me, Marta was sweet enough to agree to do my nails for the World AIDS Day event I am going to in Toronto tomorrow. 

To start, Marta used two coats of Sally Hansen's Whirlwind White', a thick creamy white polish as the base for my manicure. Next, using Zoya's 'Sooki' (a bright red polish) and Konad Plate m65, Marta stamped red roses all over my nails (it was my first time seeing a nail stamp in action!). To add a bit of glitter to the nails, Marta used Color Club's 'Red Glitter' and a dotting tool to make little dots around the roses. Finally, Marta, who claimed she wasn't good at freehand art (ya right!), drew a red ribbon (the AIDS symbol) on my ring fingers using a nail brush and Zoya's 'Sooki'. 

I am in love with the manicure, and so happy that Marta not only lives in my city, but is willing to do my nails any time I want. Thank you so much Marta!

I'm really excited for the event tomorrow and can't wait to tell you all about it. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on twitter for updates and pictures from the event. 


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beautylish Beauty Social Haul

Hey Everyone, 

First off, let me apologize for how long it has taken so long to post haul. As I have mentioned in several posts, last month I had the opportunity to go to the Beautylish Beauty Social in Santa Monica, California where I enjoyed a weekend of beauty treatments, beauty related seminars seminars and a whole lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers. 

The entire event was so much fun and while my favourite part was definitely meeting some of the bloggers and vloggers I have been following for a while, I won't lie and say I wasn't totally excited by the awesome swag bag. Beautylish spoiled us! Not only did we get our very own Beauty Social reusable tote, the bag was filled to the brim with goodies from a number of different well-known beauty brands like Benefit, Cover FX and Fresh Beauty. Here is my amazing haul:

Wella Professional 'Brilliance Colour Care' Travel Kit: Made for fine to normal hair, this Wella Brilliance set includes a shampoo, conditioner and a conditioning treatment for healthy, shiny hair. 

Goody 2 in 1 Ponytail Holder and Headbands: As someone who keeps an elastic around at all times, I love that these Goody hair accessories also double as stylish bracelets and necklaces. Love!

Byron 'Spirulina' Hair Spray: This strong hold hair spray sold by Byron Williams (one of the panelists at the Beauty Social) uses spirulina (a blue green algae) to 'promote healthy hair growth and restore damaged hair back to it's natural splendor'. While I do think this spray gives the hair a nice hold and finish, at $26 USD per can, I can't see myself purchasing this in the future.

Goody 'Spin Pins': Made to replace the millions of bobby pins needed to create a stylish updo, the spin pins claim to help the average customer create chic buns, twists, etc. I have tried these in the past and was actually impressed with how well they worked. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser: For those of you who have yet to try Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, get on it! This super creamy face wash removes ALL dirt from your pores giving the skin the most amazing clean feeling. Unfortunately I can't use this cleanser at the moment because of my acne (I have to use a special wash), so expect to see this cleanser in a future giveaway.

Lorac 'Self Tantalizer' Tanning Lotion:  "This easy-to-use self-tanning lotion contains DHA to safely build natural, rich color gradually and is infused with anti-aging Camu Camu along with Marocuja and Pomegranate Seed Oils to help keep skin smooth, healthy and protect'. I have never used a self tanner, so this should be interesting (update post to follow some time in the future).
Kate Sommerville 'Exfolikate' Intensive Exfoliating Treatment At $85 for 2oz of product, this exfoliating treatment is supposed to be one of the best. Although the acne specialist I have been seeing has advised me against using any exfoliator, I have tried this a couple of times and find it to be gentle yet really effective at getting rid of flaky skin.

Australian Gold 'Sheer Coverage' Sunscreen This sheer coverage sunscreen has 'invisidry technology' to keep skin from looking greasy. 

Murad 'Active Radiance Serum: Using new vitamin C technology, this repair treatment claims to restore skin's natural tone, smooth the skin's texture and increase skin's firmness. This will probably one of those items I pass on to my mom.

The Balm Powder Blush in 'Down Boy': This super creamy (seriously it's so soft), rose toned blush has super fine iridescent shimmer which gives the face a beautiful and natural glow. I am so impressed with the quality and pigmentation of this blush and may just include a similar one in an upcoming giveaway.

Benefit 'Watt's Up! Cream Highlighter: I was so excited to see this new Benefit product in the swag bag. This cream to powder peachy-gold highlighter gives the skin a really nice healthy looking finish and comes with its own built in sponge for blending. 

Scott Barnes 'Body Bling': When I first saw this product in the Beauty Social swag bag, I thought 'nope, not for me'. After playing around with it for a while, I have come to love this bronzed shimmering body lotion which gives the skin a really gorgeous sun-kissed look. 

Tatcha 'Japanese Beauty Papers': These all natural blotting papers, which contain gold leaf, are definitely the prettiest oil absorbing sheets I have ever seen. 'Discovered by Geish in the 1800's, these handmade leaflets are powder free, fragrance free and suitable for all skin types'. 

Nude Advanced Probiotic Skincare: This little box of all natural skin care came with samples of a cleansing facial oil, an advanced eye complex, a miracle mask, and an age defense moisturizer.

Sugarpill Powder Eyeshadow in 'After Party': This crazy-bright royal blue eyeshadow has a somewhat metallic finish when applied to the eyes. While I don't see myself wearing such a brightly pigmented shadow on a regular basis, I am excited to play around with it and can see myself using it as a top or bottom liner for a pop of colour. 

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in 'Black': I'm not one to usually apply mascara to my bottom lashes, but I am excited to give this a try after seeing the Pixiwoo sisters rave about it several times. The brush on this mascara is so tiny and cute, you can't help but saw 'awww' every time you use it.

Clinique Lid Smoothie in 'Bit O' Honey': This shimmering beige cream shadow, which claims to last 8 hours and be anti-oxidant is gorgeous all over the eye for a 'barely there' natural makeup look. Personally I have found these cream shadows do crease, so I would recommend putting a similar coloured (or translucent) powder over them to set them in place.

Cover FX Translucent Powder in 'Light': 'A luminous powder used to set foundation and provide a semi-radiant finish. This natural mineral powder absorbs excess oil resulting in a matte finish'. I usually prefer a pressed face powder, but I am excited to try it as I have heard Cover FX works well on acne-prone skin.

Obagi 'Elastiderm Eye Treatment Cream': I recently finished my container of Vasanti Eye Wonder eye cream which did wonders on my dark circles. However, rather than purchase a new container, the beauty blogger in me has decided to shop around and try some other creams. I have heard great things about Obagi products and I am excited to see if this 'restorative elasticity complex' cream can live up to its claims.

CND Effects Nail Polish in 'Saphire Sparkle': This light gold top coat with pink and blue iridescent shimmer gives nails a gorgeous metallic finish (especially when applied over a darker polish). To see it's effect, check out my NOTD post here.

Urban Decay 'Good Karma Lip Brush': This all vegan lip brush is perfect for using with OCC lip tars and bright, staining lipsticks because it's synthetic bristles are much easier to clean than those of a natural hair brush.

Too Faced Glamour Gloss in 'Flirt' and Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Pencil in 'Perfect Nude': I love Too Faced's Glamour Glosses! Not only are they very opaque, they are non-sticky and give the lips a nice minty feel. Flirt is a gorgeous rosy-brown nude which I happen to already own (I'll probably keep this little one in my purse). I have yet to try Too Faced's lip pencils but love 'Perfect Nude's' perfect nude colour (the name doesn't lie!).

NYX Black Label Lipstick in 'Jaipur': This creamy, metallic finish, brown-red lipstick reminds me a lot of Makeup Forever's Lab Shine gloss in 'M10' (a new favourite). While I wouldn't wear this lipstick on a day to day basis, it will be really nice for the upcoming holiday season.

Dior Addict Lipcolor in 'Beige Havana': I was so excited when I saw a Dior lipstick in the swag bag, but when I opened the lid to look at the colour, I had to scratch my head. I understand that some companies like to 'get rid' of their less popular colours, but when the event is specifically aimed at bloggers and vloggers why wouldn't the company include a colour that was more universal? This dark brown lipstick with gold, green and red iridescent glitter is definitely not my colour and so I will have to pass this one on to my mom.

Fresh 'Sugar Lip Treatment': As I mentioned in my previous Beauty Social post, I had a chance to try some of Fresh's famous Sugar Lip Treatments at the Fresh Beauty booth. While I really liked the way they felt on my lips (and the way they smelled), I could never bring myself to pay $25 for a lip balm. Luckily, I didn't have to as Fresh's original lip treatment was included in my swag bag. I plan to use this sparingly, and who knows, once it's gone, I may just be willing to pay for another one.

Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Whole Lotta Honey': LOVE LOVE LOVE!! My absolute favourite item in the Beauty Social swag bag was Clinique's Chubby Stick in 'Whole Lotta Honey', a nude shiny brown. Not only are these pencils super glossy, they are easy to apply without a mirror and are SO moisturizing (more so than a lot of my lip balms). I can't get enough of this product and have since bought two other colours.

Jaipur, Beige Havana, Whole Lotta Honey, Flirt, Perfect Nude

 Saphire Sparkle, Bit O' Honey, Watts Up, After Party, Down Boy

Have you tried any of these products? Is there anything you'd really like to see a review on? 


Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Q&A #5

Hey Everyone, 

One of my favourite bloggers, Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog, does a weekly poll on her blog encouraging readers to take part. Every Monday, I will be posting my answers to her questions on my blog, and hope that you will join me by making your own post, or leaving your answers to the following questions in the comment section below.  

1) Mood: Absolutely exhausted! As I mentioned last week in my Monday Q&A post, I started a four week outpatient program at the hospital for my fibromyalgia. While we haven't done a ton of physical activity (aquafit, some light stretching and cardio), my body is beyond tired. I also find myself feeling very emotionally and mentally exhausted. The entire program centres around taking responsibility for your own pain control and that is hard for me. I'm still in that whiney five year old stage where I feel like "I didn't chose to have this stupid disease so why should I have to take any responsibility for it?". I'd like to just live life without having to work on things like pacing myself, finding new ways to do every day tasks and looking at how to modify my future dreams/goals to better accommodate my fibro.

2) What do you miss?: The first thing that comes to my mind is my second year of University. Not only did I really like the program I was in (Sociology and Women Studies), I lived with my best friend at the time and we literally spent every night watching trashy reality tv, eating homemade brownies and laughing until our stomaches hurt. It's been a while since I had that much fun and I definitely miss it. 

3) Which makeup counters do you visit first when you swing by a Nordstrom or other department stores?: The makeup counters at my local department store kind of suck, but when I am in the US, I usually visit the MAC, Bobbi Brown and Chanel counters. MAC is cheaper in the US then in Canada, we don't have a Bobbi Brown counter where I live and well, Chanel is just fun to look at. 

4) Which would you choose if you could have all of the products you could ever want, eyeshadow, lipstick or blush?: If you asked me a few months ago, I would have definitely said blush, but now I would have to say eyeshadow. Doing my eyes is definitely the most creative part of my makeup routine and I love having a bunch of options to work with. With blush all you really need is a pink, a coral, a berry and a neutral.  

5) What would you like to do on your next birthday?: My next birthday is my big 3-0 and it would be a lie if I said I haven't been dreaming about it for years (literally). Everyday the dream of what I will do for my 30th changes. Some days I want to have a big party (think sweet 16 with tigers and acrobats), others I want front row seats to see my favourite country artist or a trip to Vegas for all of my friends (yep, nothing big). I have been bugging my family for months about starting to plan for the big day (I want 30 pink flamingos on my lawn, a makeup inspired cake, and Luke Bryan to sing me happy birthday and serve me breakfast in bed), but I just don't think they are as in to it as I am. Mom, Dad, Krista, Gillian, if you are reading this...get on it!!

6) Are you a MAC or a PC?: I currently own a MAC although it drives me nuts with all of its little problems. 

7) Have you ever seen a ghost?: Luckily, no. I think it would scare me to death if I saw a ghost (haha, scare me to death...). 

8) List three good things in your life right now: 1) My blog- I love blogging and sharing my passion for all things beauty with others. I have met so many wonderful people and I wouldn't give it up for anything 2) My friends- I love that the friends I have are drama free. Been there, done that, I am over drama! 3) My dreams- While I admit, it is hard to plan for a future with fibromyalgia, I am happy that I am able to start thinking about my future. A year ago I couldn't even think about moving out of my house because I was in too much pain to care for myself. I now have a plan to move to Toronto, go to a makeup artistry school and eventually (hopefully) write for a beauty related magazine. 

9) What's something you think tastes better fried?: The only thing I can think of is a deep fried Mars bar. I've only had two of them but they are so gooey and good, mmmm.

10) Weekly Goals: I have so many posts I really need to get up including my Beauty Social haul (ya, it's been nearly a month), my IMATS experience and haul and a couple of reviews. Here's to hoping I manage to get them up this week. 

If you decide to answer the questions, leave your responses or the link to your responses in the comment section below. 

Hope you all have a great week. 


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Illamasqua Haul

Hey Everyone, 

A number of months ago (I'm talking three or four here), the UK Illamasqua website was offering free international shipping. Having been obsessed with reading blogs about, and looking at swatches of, different Illamasqua products I couldn't help but buy a few things during the promotion. Not being able to swatch the products myself, it was pretty hard to decide what to get exactly, but I am happy with my choices and think all three products are perfect for fall (and beyond).

1) Illamasqua Powder Blusher in 'Sin': Illamasqua's 'Sin' is a super bright berry toned, powder blush that packs A LOT of colour. This is one of those blushes that will last you forever because it is so highly pigmented. You only need the tiniest amount to give the cheeks some colour. While I love the style of the Illamasqua packaging, this blush is pretty bulky making it a 'not so great' option for travel. 

2) Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow in 'Melodrama': Illamsqua's 'Melodrama', a dusty blue-green powder eyeshadow, is the reason I made my first Illamasqua purchase. This shadow is perfect for fall and works with my new obsession for all things 'peacock coloured'. This shadow reminds me a lot of MAC's 'Plumage' but because 'Melodrama' is so pigmented and buttery, it is much easier to work with. 

3) Illmasqua Cream Pigment in 'Depravity': Illamasqua's cream pigments are crease resistent products that can be used on the eyes, lips or face. Depravity is a deep blue-toned purple that goes on super bright, but can be blended down for a softer look. While I like this as a cream base for eyeshadow or blush, I really can't see myself using this as a lip product because it is quite thick and, in my opinion, would be unflattering on dryer lips.

Depravity, Melodrama, Sin

I'm happy with my little haul (although of course I would like more). The colours are all very bright and pigmented making them fun to work with. I'm glad I got to take advantage of the free international shipping, as I probably wouldn't pay to have anything shipped from their site without that promotion.

I recently saw some Illamasqua nail polishes at a Sephora in Toronto, so I am hoping the line slowly makes it way here to Canada. 

Do you own anything from Illamasqua? 


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hair Dressers Against AIDS (World AIDS Day)

Hey Everyone, 

Thursday December 1st marks World AIDS day and the 10th anniversary of 'Hairdressers Against AIDS' (HAA), an organization whose main objective is to educate hair professionals around the world so that they can help spread knowledge about HIV and AIDS among their clients. 

To mark this important day, L'Oreal and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) will be holding a press conference in Toronto including guest speakers from HAA, UNESCO and other charitable organizations to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS, and the Hairdressers Against AIDS charity. 

I am excited to say that I am one of the bloggers chosen to cover the event and can't wait to take part. To further educate those attending the press conference, L'Oreal will be pairing hairdressing students and bloggers and giving them a couple of hours to film a creative and educational video about HIV/AIDS in Canada. If you have any creative video ideas, be sure to let me know in the comment section below as I am afraid my mind might draw a complete blank the day of. 

I am so excited for the opportunity to cover this event and share what I learn about HIV/AIDS in Canada (and around the world). In the meantime, please take a moment to test your HIV/AIDS knowledge by taking this quiz. For every person who takes this quiz on December 1st, L'Oreal will donate one product to the 'Les Petite Bonheurs', a charity that supports people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS who have been socially and emotionally isolated in their communities. 

Education about this disease is SO IMPORTANT. It is one of the few diseases we know how to prevent and if educated properly, those diagnosed can get the right treatment and slow down the progression of full blown AIDS. 

Finally, please check out this amazing viral video created by the Hairdressers Against AIDS and UNESCO. It is honestly such a powerful video and really helps fight the stigma that surrounds this disease. 



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection

Hey Everyone, 

As you know I am a huge fan of Essie polish. Their colours, for the most part, are very pigmented, and usually apply opaquely in two coats. I have found that the Essie formula is more durable then a lot of other brands and I can usually wear them for a good 10 days without them chipping. 

Essie's latest winter collection, Cocktail Bling, includes six cream polishes with not a glitter or shimmer in sight. When I first saw the collection I fell in love with three of the six colours and after weighing my options, I decided to go with one regular sized polish and one mini set for a total of five polishes. Here is what I bought:

1) Essie Nail Polish in 'School of Hard Rocks': School of Hard Rocks is a dusty blue-green polish that applies opaque in two coats. This is such a unique colour, and perfect for the winter season. This is probably my favourite polish from the collection, so I'm glad I got the full sized bottle. 

2) Essie Nail Polish in 'Bangle Jangle': Essie's 'Bangle Jangle' is a dusty grey-purple that applies opaque in two coats. This polish definitely works for the colder months, but will also look great come spring. If you like purple-grey colours like OPI's 'Parlez Vous OPI?' or China Glaze's 'Who's Wearing What?', definitely check this shade out. 

3) Essie Nail Polish in 'Size Matters': Essie's 'Size Matters' is a deep garnet red that has neither a blue, nor an orange undertone. This was probably the colour I was least excited about when I saw it in line, but in person it is so gorgeous and absolutely perfect for the holiday season. 

4) Essie Nail Polish in 'Cocktail Bling': Essie's 'Cocktail Bling' is a very light dusty blue-grey that applies opaque in two coats. In pictures 'Cocktail Bling' and 'Bangle Jangle' appear to be extremely similar in colour, but in person they are actually quite different. 'Cocktail Bling' is another colour I can see myself wearing throughout the year. 

5) Essie Nail Polish in 'Bobbing for Baubles': 'Bobbing for Baubles' is a deep navy blue with lots of shine. I have been loving Navy for fall so I was really excited to see this polish in the collection. This is the perfect colour for a dark wintery nail look, but, because it does have a blue tone, it is a little more interesting than a simple black polish. 

Thumb to Pinkie: Bangle Jangle, School of Hard Rocks, Bobbing for Baubles, Cocktail Bling, Size Matters

Bangle Jangle

School of Hard Rocks, Bobbing for Baubles, Cocktail Bling, Size Matters

For those living in Canada, I purchased my polishes from Nail Polish Canada, which offers free shipping on orders over $29CND. For those who live outside of Canada, I believe they sell Essie at a number of drug and beauty related stores.

Have you purchased anything from this collection? What is your favourite colour from the collection? 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Annabelle and Marcelle Beauty Premiere + Haul

Hey Everyone, 

Last week while in Toronto, I had the absolute privilege of attending the Beauty Premiere, an event hosted by Annabelle and Marcelle Cosmetics to showcase some of the new products they have coming out in February 2012. 

The event was hosted at the Thompson Hotel rooftop lounge, an extremely swanky bar overlooking the city of Toronto. With hard wood floors, big picturesque windows and a sleek bar, the lounge was extremely chic and perfect for a fun night out on the town. 

When I first walked into the lounge area, I was greeted by one of the super friendly Annabelle/Marcelle ladies and handed a glass of champagne. She explained the different activities going on that night and suggested I hit up the lipgloss making booth (yes, you heard me right) before it got too busy. 

The Lipgloss Making Booth

Talking to some of the Toronto Beauty Bloggers on twitter, I had heard rumours that we would be able to make our own lipgloss at the event. Picturing one of those little kids makeup sets where you can mix some vaseline with different coloured powders, I was shocked to see that the actual process was much more exciting and scientific. 

At the booth was a display of 20 plus different lipgloss colours and finishes. After selecting anywhere from 4-6 colours, the mad scientist (aka the nice man who let me make not 1 but 3 glosses) mixed your selections into a syringe and skirted your newly created lipgloss into two tubes. 

As I mentioned, I made more than one lipgloss. While I was somewhat able to imagine what my glosses would look like, it was so much fun seeing how they actually looked once mixed and I had to keep going back for more. Thanks to the generosity of Annabelle and Marcelle, I have six tubes of my own lipgloss, three of which I will be giving away in an upcoming post. 

The New Products

After creating my own glosses, I decided to wander around the room and check out some of the new products Annabelle and Marcelle are bringing out for Spring 2012. Here are some of their awesome new creations:

Marcelle Renforcils Water Proof Eye Makeup Remover
This paraben free, hypo allergenic makeup remover is just like a liquid remover, but in gel form. Not only does this makeup remover remove stubborn waterproof mascara, it also contains lash fortifying complex that helps to condition your lashes. I am super excited to try this product as I find liquid removers tend to feel somewhat oily on my skin. 

Marcelle BB Cream
As the first Canadian made BB cream, Marcelle's new cream has the coverage of a BB cream without the whitening ingredients. This BB cream contains aloe vera to help calm the skin and reduce signs of redness. I tried this product on the back of my hand and couldn't believe how light it was. I have tried some BB creams in the past, but have found the formulas to be thick and sticky. This cream blended into the skin amazingly well and gave my hand a nice finish. 

Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara
This lengthening and volumizing mascara uses a specially designed brush to create longer and fuller lashes. The brush which has normal sized bristles on one side and longer bristles on the other, gets down to the roots of the lashes, creating a more dramatic look. I was actually surprised when I found out the price point of this mascara, $12.50CND, because it's surprisingly inexpensive for a higher end drugstore line. 

Annabelle Smudge Paints
These half cream liners/half cream shadows come in a cute little container with a thick eyeliner brush to make application easier. There are currently five colours in the Smudge Paint collection and let me tell you, they are PIGMENTED. Luckily I happened to be around at the end of the night when they were giving these away and was able to snag myself three of the five colours. 

Annabelle Big Show Lipgloss
Annabelle's Big Show glosses are super creamy, non-sticky glosses that give the lips a somewhat metallic finish. I love how creamy these glosses are and am really excited about the range of colours these glosses come in (metallic deep purple to light metallic peach).

Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliners
These gorgeous glitter eyeliners come in a variety of colours from  bright orange to beautiful light pink. With a super tiny tipped brush, this eyeliner is easy to apply and looks great over a simple black liner for a night out look. 

Hors D'Oeuvres?!

Of course it wouldn't be a swanky night out without some cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and while I loved my peach martini and the large display of desserts, my favourite hors d'oeuvres came in the form of makeup! 

Fulfilling the dreams of any beauty blogger and/or makeup addict, Annabelle and Marcelle had waiters carrying around silver trays full of makeup. At first, us bloggers tried to act somewhat polite and only took a couple of pieces, but by the end of the night, we couldn't hold back and started grabbing handfuls of makeup and cramming them into our bags. My clutch that folded over at the beginning of the night couldn't even close and some of the girls had their pockets so full they kept dropping products every few steps. 

Here is what I managed to grab (Annabelle and Marcelle, I am sorry for taking so much. I hope you will still consider inviting me to future events. I swear I'll learn to control myself...maybe.) **Note, I have chosen not to swatch them as I plan to include a lot of the items in upcoming giveaways **:

 Glitterama Glitter Eyeliners in 'Violet Venus', 'Solar Flare', 'Celestial Sky' and 'Blast Off'

 Annabelle Kohl Liner in 'Black', 'Silver', 'Black Pearl' and 'Violet'

Annabelle Smoothie Cream Eyeshadow in 'Melonade', 'Absinthe-Minded', Blubomb' and 'Cocoaloco'

Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick in 'Euphoria', 'Delight', 'Obsession' and 'Mauve'

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in 'Blue Lagoon', 'Deep Charcoal', 'Indigo', 'Metal Green' and 'Mulberry'

 Marcelle Eye Dusts in 'Bronze Millionaire' and 'Fantasia' and Annabelle Eyeshadow in '101'

Annabelle Smudge Paint in 'Muddy', 'Skyline' and 'Plummed'

The People

One of the best parts of the night was being able to meet up with all of my favourite Toronto Beauty Bloggers. These girls are so amazingly sweet and welcoming and always make me feel like I want to move to Toronto just so we can hang out. Here are just a few of the beautiful ladies at the event:

 Tamara and I

Meredith and I

 Elaine and I

 Ande and I

Jenn and I

The Gift Bag

As if the lipgloss making stations, the makeup hors d'ourves, the food and cocktails and the scenery wasn't enough, at the end of the night we were each given a gift bag. Here is what mine contained: 

 Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara, Marcelle Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Annabelle Big Show Lipgloss, Marcelle Essentials Soothing Makeup Remover,  Marcelle Multi Color Face Powder in 'Luminous Veil' and Marcelle Hydra-C Energizing Hydrating Gel. 

I am so excited to try all of the products I received at the event and will definitely be posting future reviews. 

Thank you so so much to Isabelle and all of the Annabelle and Marcelle team. The event was so much fun and I was thrilled to be included. 

Have you tried anything from either line? Do any of their new products catch your eye?