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Neon Fever! 3 Way to Use Neon in Your Eye Makeup (Guest Post)

** Hey Everyone, While I am away in Nashville, I have asked some of my fellow beauty bloggers to write guest posts for Funny Face Beauty. Today's post is from Ahalya of Bug's Beauty, a super talented makeup artist, who always creates the most beautiful eye looks. Ahalya was one of my winners of my 'Red Carpet Contest',  and if I ever make my way to Australia, she will be doing my makeup! **

Neon Fever! 3 Ways to Use Neon in Your Eye Makeup

I was more than happy to say yes when Alicia asked me to do a guest post over here on Funny Face Beauty but the hard thing was trying to come up with something to post about. I’ve noticed that Alicia has been a little obsessed with the summer neon trend so I thought I’d do a post showing 3 ways to use neon shades in your eye looks.

I didn’t actually own any neon shadows so I went out and bought the BYS Neon’s eye shadow palette. BYS is an Australian drug store brand and this palette only cost me $5 AUD. The shades in here look so intense in the pan but, like a lot of neon shades, the colour doesn’t translate as well to the lid.

My tip when using neon shadows is firstly to always use a primer and second, pat the colour on rather than using a blending motion. It can take a little bit more effort to work with neon shades but the end result is so fun that I think it’s worth it!
Check out the swatches below to see how much of a difference using a primer can make. The top picture is without primer and the bottom picture is on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion. All of the looks I’ve done in this post are on top of UDPP.

1.     Neon smokey eyes.

Using a neon shade in a smokey eye look is a great way to add colour to your look without being over the top. This is because you can ground your look with a neutral in the crease and a highlighting shade around the inner corner. You can see from the picture below that you can’t even notice the neon shade until my eyes are closed.

To get the look I patted a mixture of the orange and pink shade on to my lid to get a gorgeous electric coral shade. I then took some MAC Print eye shadow and MAC Embark eye shadow in to the crease and MAC Nylon eye shadow around the inner corner. To finish up the look I lined my top lash line with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and added a coat of Covergirl Nature Luxe Mousse mascara in Very Black.

2.     Neon pin-up

This look gives a nod to the 50’s and the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2011 makeup with a bright neon shade on the lid and a contrasting black kitten eye flick. This look would work perfectly with half lashes on the outer corner. You can see that the colour is a little bit more noticeable on the lid when my eyes are open but you still don’t get the full impact until my eyes are closed.

To get the look, I patted the neon yellow shade on to my lid. I blended out the edge of the yellow with MAC Bamboo eye shadow and applied MAC Solar White eye shadow to the inner corner. I lined my top lash line using an angled brush and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and then coated my lashes with Covergirl Nature Luxe Mousse Mascara in Very Black.

3.     Rainbow electric

This type of look is for those of you who are more willing to experiment with your makeup and use lots of brights at one time! It doesn’t really matter what shades you combine (well, it matters a little) but more how you place them. You want the colours to blend to a degree but you want there to be enough of a distinction that you get a really vibrant and fun look.

To get the look I used all the colours in the neon palette on my lids and on the bottom lash line. I didn’t use any liner and instead just put on a few coats of the Covergirl Nature Luxe Mousse Mascara in Very Black. This look would have worked really well with some tight-lining of the upper lash line or some liner on the water line.

So there you have it, 3 ideas for working the Neon’s summer trend into your eye makeup. My major tip when using neon makeup in general is to keep your other features neutral. Some people can pull off bright lips, cheeks and eyes at the same time but most people suit the one bright feature at a time. The most important thing is that you have fun with it because this trend isn’t one that takes itself too seriously!

How do you like to incorporate neons into your look? Let me know below!
Also, thanks so much to Alicia for having me on here as a guest blogger J

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  1. Oh I actually LOVE the look in the middle! I will some day (hopefully before winter starts!) muster up the courage to wear neon makeup!

  2. I love the neon gren look the most, I think thats great with the liquid liner!


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