Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My New Lip Loves: MAC, Revlon and L'Oreal

Hey Everyone, 

If I had to choose my least favourite makeup product, it would be lipstick, and yet, last month while on vacation in Nashville, I found not one, but seven new lip loves. Still immersed in the 'dry lips battle', it has become more and more important that I find I find lip products that are moisturizing, yet still have a great colour payoff. Below are seven new lip products, I think anyone(dry lips or not) will fall in 'lip love' with. 

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in 'Love Long Distance': 
The first lip love I picked up is from the recently released Beth Ditto for MAC Cosmetics collection. 'Love Long Distance', a light pink with iridescent blue and pink shimmer, is less of a lipstick, and more of a light lip glaze. What's most surprising about this lipstick is that it actually looks good on me. I usually can't pull off light pink lipsticks, but because this one has a nice sheer texture, it looks great on my lips alone or over another colour. As one of MAC's infamous 'Pro Longwear' products, this lipstick is said to last up to 12 hours. While I would have to dispute that claim, I do find that it lasts longer than the majority of my lipsticks. 

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in 'Dear Diary': 
When I first saw pictures and swatches of 'Dear Diary', a crazy bright, neon pink lipstick from MAC's recent Beth Ditto collection, I fell in LOVE. This super creamy, statement lipstick is definitely one of the brightest lip products I own, making it perfect for summer. Like 'Love Long Distance', this Pro Longwear lipstick lasts longer than most lipsticks, with wear time falling between two to three hours for me. If you aren't afraid of a little (or rather a lot of) colour, be sure to check 'Dear Diary' out. 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 'Honey' and 'Rendezvous'.  
I love the current 'chubby lipstick pencil' craze, so I was beyond excited to learn that Revlon introduced their own version of this pencil into drugstores last month. With a minty scent, and tingling feel, the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are packed with both moisture and colour. 'Honey' is a deep brown-toned pink that looks amazing on its own or when used to tone down brighter lipstick (it surprisingly looks great over 'Dear Diary'). 'Rendezvous', on the other hand is super bright, and definitely not for the faint of heart. This brown-toned orange looks great when paired with a neutral brown or cream coloured eye. The new Kissable Balm Stains are flying off the shelves (seriously, I only managed to find two colours at three Target stores), so be sure to grab them while you still can. Unfortunately, these have yet to be released in Canada. 

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipcolour in 'Blushing Sequin', 'Sunset Angor' and 'Rose Taffeta':
L'Oreal's newest lip product, the Colour Riche Caresse Lipcolour, falls somewhere between a tinted lip balm, and a regular lipstick. With 50% less heavy wax than traditional lipsticks, the new Caresse Lipcolours are full of moisture, shine and colour. 'Blushing Sequin' is a super glossy hot pink that, while still bright, is perfect for those who are just starting to experiment with bright colours. 'Sunset Angora' is a soft pinky-peach that works perfectly for summer, but will still be wearable in both spring and fall. 'Rose Taffeta' is a neutral brown toned pink that gives the lips a 'my lips but better' look, and can be worn by any skin tone. Unfortunately the Caresse Lipcolours have yet to hit Canadian drugstores, but should be out within the next couple of weeks. 

Rendezvous, Honey, Dear Diary, Love Long Distance, Rose Tafetta, Sunset Angora, Blushing Sequin. 

Have you tried any of these new lip products? Do you want to? What are your current lip loves? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below. 


My New Weight Loss Blog

Hey Everyone, 

With one month left until my weight loss surgery, I have created a new blog called 'Funny Face Weight Loss'. It is there that I will be documenting my weight loss journey. If you are interested in experiencing this crazy ride with me, feel free to subscribe as I will be updating it with posts, pictures and videos on a very regular basis. 

Thanks again for all of your support

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Q&A #34

Hey Everyone, 

One of my favourite bloggers, Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog, does a weekly poll on her blog encouraging readers to take part. Every Monday, I will be posting my answers to her questions on my blog, and hope that you will join me by making your own post, or leaving your answers to the following questions in the comment section below.

1. Mood: Blah. For some reason, I am really not feeling well today. Stomach ache, headache, extreme naseau. Not fun. 

2. What’s something you wish you could buy from a vending machine?: It would be cool to be able to buy makeup from a vending machine, although you wouldn't be able to swatch it before hand, so I don't know that I would actually purchase it. 

3. Is there someplace you go when you need some peace and quiet?:  I like to go to the front porch of my cottage and read a book. 

4. Have you ever had a checked-in bag lost during a flight?: Luckily I haven't had that experience, although it's always one of my major concerns while travelling. My parents had their bags lost for a good week a couple of years ago, but luckily it was on their way home from vacation. 

5. Speaking of traveling, have you ever taken a trip with friends?: I've had a couple of friends join my family on vacation, and then in April I took a trip to NYC with my old roommate, where we met up with a couple of friends. 

6. How would you describe your laugh?: Well, when I am laughing really hard my sister describes it as silent and wheezy. Needless to say, she's not a fan.

7. I wish I were more _________.: of an athletic person. I hate working out, but really need to start (especially since I am trying to lose weight). 

8. When was the last time you wrote someone a letter by hand?: Oh man, it would have been ages ago. I, honestly, can't even remember. Would passing notes to my friends in University count? 

9. When was the last time you enjoyed the great outdoors?: I'm not much of an outdoorsy person, but on Saturday, I went to an international food festival with a friend, and my sister, which was held outdoors in the park. Does that count? 

10. Weekly goals:
Get a handle on my laundry. My laundry baskets (I have three) are overfilled and starting to spill all over my floor. I don't think I have done a full load of laundry since I got home from Nashville a couple of weeks ago. I hate doing laundry!!

If you decide to answer the questions, leave your responses or the link to your responses in the comment section below. 

Hope you all have a great week. 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beauty Quote of the Week #73

Every year of my life I grow more convinced that it is wisest and best to fix our attention on the beautiful and the good, and dwell as little as possible on the evil and the false. 

-Richard Cecil

Friday, June 22, 2012

Some News I'd Like to Share with My Subscribers

Hey Everyone,

I quickly wanted to share some exciting/scary news with all of you. On Wednesday, July 27th I will be heading to Toronto to have weight loss surgery. 

This has been something I have been thinking about on and off for the past couple of years, but it wasn't until 6 months ago that I actually started looking into it. 

I have chosen the lap band procedure. Rather than physically cutting out a part of my stomach, the doctor will be placing a band around the top half of my stomach to create a small pouch for food to go through. Since the pouch is very small, and you have to eat your food very slowly, the brain receives signals that you are full after eating only a small amount. There are some rules about what you can and can't eat, the way you should eat, etc. but I don't want to get into them right now. 

I have mixed feelings about the surgery. In the past year I have gained 40 or so pounds and started feeling very uncomfortable in my own body. I am excited to lose the weight as I hope it will help with my overall fitness level and possibly some of my medical problems, but I am also really really scared. While the procedure itself only takes 30-40 minutes, this is going to be a huge life change for me, and I am nervous as to how it will affect my relationships with others, my ability to go out into the world and socialize, and my own self-worth/self esteem.

I don't want to turn this blog into my own personal weight loss journey, but I did want to share the news with all of my subscribers. My sister suggested I wait until after the surgery to tell everyone because what if it didn't work. That was never an option for me. My subscribers are one of my biggest support systems. You guys have encouraged me through your comments and emails so much over the past two years, that I couldn't imagine going through this process without out you.

My biggest worry in sharing this news with all of you is that my strong belief and message that inner beauty is way more important than outer beauty will somehow be lost. This is not the case. I am not having this surgery because I think it will make me more beautiful or that bigger women aren't as beautiful as smaller women. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, and though I have tried a number of weight loss plans, nothing has worked and I need some help. 

I have created a new blog that will detail my weight loss journey. It will be much less formal than this blog, more of a diary. I will go into more detail about the procedure, my feelings, updates, etc. As soon as that is up and ready to go, I will post the link. 

I really do want to thank you all for your support. My life has changed for the better these past couple of years, and I don't doubt for a second that my subscribers played a big role in that. 

Thank you. 


Exclusive Preview: New Products from Annabelle and Marcelle

Hey Everyone, 

Last week my friend Kerri and I had the opportunity to attend an event held by Marcelle Groupe showcasing the new products Canadian drugstore power houses, Annabelle and Marcelle, will be introducing later this summer. As there are so many innovative, and very exciting, products soon to be released, I wanted to give a run down of some of the new items, as well as my thoughts on the products I have already had a chance to try. 


Annabelle Twist Up Retractable Lipstick Crayons (twelve shades)
 $9.95 CND: 

With twelve stunning shades, Annabelle is introducing their first ever retractable (no sharpening needed) lipstick crayon. Packed with rapeseed oil and shea butter, these crayons are super moisturizing and give the lips a nice, glossy finish. 

My Thoughts: 
Having dealt with super dry and painful lips for the past year, I am a big fan of the new Twist Up Lipstick Crayons as they are extremely creamy and very moisturizing. These pencils are very well pigmented, and with twelve shades ranging from a light peach to a bright berry-pink, there is colour for everyone. Unlike a lot of the lipstick crayons that have recently become very popular (Clinique 'Chubby Stick', Tarte 'Lip Surgence' and Revlon 'Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm') these crayons have a thin tip making for an easier, and more precise, application. 

Annabelle Powder Eyeshadows (five new shades) $5.95 CND:
Adding to their already popular line of eyeshadows, Annabelle is introducing five brand new colours including a bright royal blue, a gorgeous turquoise and a rich bronze. 

My Thoughts: 
Annabelle eyeshadows are extremely well pigmented, very creamy and super easy to apply. My only problem? I am not a fan of the packaging. In my opinion the shadow containers are very bulky and remind me of something I would have bought while in high school in the late 90s. It is my hope that with so many new changes taking place with within the company as to how they display their products, the eyeshadow packaging will see a change in the near future. If you can get past the packaging, these eyeshadows are definitely comparable to MAC's very famous line of shadows.

Photo Credit: Rubanxrose 

Annabelle BB Cream Multi-Action Beauty Balm SPF 15 (two shades) $15.95 CND: 

Annabelle introduces their first ever BB cream which combines both skin care and makeup to create a product that perfects, brightens, primes, hydrates and protects the skin. Unlike many of the BB creams currently out on the market, this BB Cream was made for younger, more acne prone skin as it has great coverage, absorbs excess oil and controls shine.  

My Thoughts: 
I have been working on a Battle of the BB Creams post, and have to say that I am very disappointed by a lot of the BB Creams that have recently been released on the market. Luckily, I have the opposite feelings about the new Annabelle BB Cream. This BB Cream has amazing coverage (I would wear this alone without foundation), is not at all greasy, is paraben and scent free, and lasts all day. My only complaint would be that there are only two shades (Light-Medium and Medium-Dark), which in my opinion leaves out a number of women. 

Annabelle BB Skin Retouch Crayon  $12.95 CND:

This double ended crayon works to diminish fine lines and signs of fatigue, creating a fresh looking, even-toned face. One side of the pencil (the clear side) works to fill in fine lines, while the other side (shimmering pink) helps to highlight areas of the face (brow bone, under eyes, cheeks bones, etc.)

My Thoughts: 
To be honest, this is the one product that felt like somewhat of a 'gimmick' to me. The highlighter side is okay, although I found that it seems to come off after only a short period of time. As for the clear side that is supposed to fill in fine lines, I have tried it a couple of times around my eyes (crow's feet) and lips (a couple of small lines) and have not seen a difference. 

Annabelle BB Compact Makeup $15.95 CND:

This super creamy, lightweight powder helps smooth skin while giving the face a flawless finish, and radiant glow (no glitter or shimmer though). With a double sided sponge, you can control the amount of product you apply to the face, depending on if you want a light or moderate coverage. 

My Thoughts: 
I haven't had a chance to try this product on my face, however, I was able to play around with it a bit at the Annabelle/Marcelle Beauty Unveiling event. This powder is so smooth and creamy, and in my opinion seems to have great coverage. This is one product that I will most likely be purchasing when it comes out later this summer. 

** Annabelle plans to release some other new products including BB Skin Perfect Corrector (a concealer), Eyeink (a liquid eyeliner) and Itransformer (a liquid powder transformer **


Marcelle BB Cream Anti-Aging + SPF 15 (two shades) $28.95: 

With the success of their first BB Cream, Marcelle is introducing a new BB Cream later this summer. The new BB cream offers 10 benefits in 1 including smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone, hydrating effects, and controling shine. Unlike the original, this new BB Cream also offers sun protection with SPF 20. 

My Thoughts: 
I have been using the original Marcelle BB cream for about a month now and really like it. While the coverage isn't as full as I would like (I use a foundation on top of it), it helps to smooth and brighten my skin. I think it's great that Marcelle's newest BB cream has SPF 20, as applying sunscreen is such an important part of every woman's makeup routine. Like the Annabelle BB Cream, I do wish that more than two shades were available in stores, however I did hear that a third, darker shade can be purchased online. 

Marcelle BB Cream to Powder (two shades) $22.95: 

Proving themselves as one of the most innovative beauty companies on the market, Marcelle is introducing the first Cream to Powder BB cream in Canada. With 8 in 1 multi-benefits, this new BB cream  helps to even skin-tone, protect from pre-mature aging and calms troubled skin. Package in a mirror compact, with a sponge, this BB cream is perfect for those who want to do touch ups on the go. 

My Thoughts: 

Unfortunately, I didn't have much of a chance to play around with this BB Cream, so I can't give an opinion on how it works. I do think it is a very good idea (who wants to bring a squeeze tube of BB cream in their purse?), and, if it works, will make a great addition to anyone's collection. I do wish they had taken it a step further and included SPF as well as a more broad shade range. 

Marcelle Eyeshadow Quads and QMonochromatic Eyeshadow Quads (72 shades total) $15.95:

Marcelle is introducing two new sets of quads to their innovative beauty line. The first quads include four complimentary colours perfect for creating a variety of eye looks. The second include four of the same colours (ie. four of the same blue, four of the same pinks) but in four different finishes (matte, shimmer, glitter, etc.). All of Marcelle's super creamy eyeshadows are paraben free and ophthalmologist tested. 

My Thoughts: 
While I do find the Marcelle shadows to incredibly creamy, I find that their colour payoff is not as good as the Annabelle shadows (you need to use a primer under these). I really like the idea of having monochromatic eyeshadow quads, as they will make for a gorgeous, and very different, smoky eye (the nude and taupe shades are amazing!). With that said, I don't understand a few of their colour choices, including the white monochromatic quad which only serves as four separate highlighters. 

** Marcelle will also be releasing two new lines of skin care including their new GeneYouth Serum and a newly packaged line of New Age products (a day cream, night cream and eye/lip contour cream). **

At the event, Annabelle also showcased their new in store display that will be set up in a large number of stores within the next few months. I absolutely love the new displays as they really showcase all of the Annabelle products and give the brand a much younger and more 'hip' feel. 

The event itself was great. I love hanging out with all of my Toronto Beauty Blogging friends, and as always Annabelle and Marcelle know how to throw a great party. 

Which of the new Annabelle and Marcelle items are you most excited to try? What do you think of their new innovative BB cream products? Be sure to let me know me in the comment section below. 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

My New Love: Revlon's Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad in 'Inspired'

Hey Everyone, 

Well, I think it's finally time to introduce you to my new love. We've been seeing each other for just over a couple of weeks, and while others may see this as moving kind of quickly, I can't help it, I'm totally smitten. He's bold, daring, bright, super smooth and very creamy. Wait...what?!

After eyeing him (or it) for a little over a month, I finally got my hands on Revlon's Colorstay eyeshadow quad in the colour 'inspired'. With a creamy white highlight, a bright turquoise blue, a shimmering mint green, and a deep navy blue/purple shadow with iridescent blue shimmer, this is, in my opinion, the perfect quad for summer. 

All of the shadows in this quad are very creamy and pigmented, and while I am not usually a fan of glitter, these shadows seem to add a bit of sparkle to my eyes. 

My only complaint? Revlon's claim that these long wearing shadows stay on for 16 hours. Not only is this not true (with primer they last a good 8 hours), the whole trend of claiming that beauty products last 12, 24, 48, 72 hours is ridiculous. I don't think I have ever worn eyeshadow for 16 hours straight, and even if I did, I wouldn't care that I had to touch it up after 8. 

Despite my slight annoyance with their 16 hour claim, I think this palette is amazing, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive (I believe I got mine on sale for $7.99 CND) way to create a bold summer eye. 

Have you tried any of the Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quads? Would you wear any (or all) of the colours shown above? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below. 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Dressing Up for the Doctor?!

Hey Everyone, 

Today my mom and I headed to Toronto for a doctors appointment, and while you might think I would wear something comfortable for the two hour drive, I decided that the doctor might take me more seriously if I dressed up (weird, I know). Of course with the weather still being so hot), I decided it was the perfect occasion to wear my newest 'summery' dress, a frilly black number that reminds me a lot of a dress I wore 27 years ago on a trip to Mexico with my parents (a true fashionista never forgets). Below are more details on my look:

Dress: Penningtons

Bangles: The Bay

Watch: Fossil

Earrings: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Penningtons

Nails: China Glaze 'Re-fresh Mint'

Be sure to let me know about your outfit of the day in the comment section below. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Face and Outfit of the Day: Heat Wave

Hey Everyone, 

It is super hot outside today. I mean really, really hot. Heat wave hot. Despite the fact that I wish I was lying near a pool with an ice cold miami vice (a mixture of a strawberry daiquiri and a pina colada) in my hand, and hot men with 6-packs fanning me with palm leaves, I decided to make the most of this very hot day, and add a bit of 'heat' to my look with a very summery dress and some fun, bright makeup. Below are more details on my look: 


Vincent Camuto at Macy's


Michael Kors

Homemade (check out my neon jewelry tutorial here)


Revlon Colour Stay Eyeshadow Quad in 'Inspired'

Caryl Baker Visage Mineral Bronzer in 'Sand'
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in 'Amused'

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm in 'Blushing Sequin'

Goody 'Wave Creator' Curling Iron

Is it super hot where you live? What are you wearing today? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below.  


Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Q&A #33

Hey Everyone, 

One of my favourite bloggers, Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog, does a weekly poll on her blog encouraging readers to take part. Every Monday, I will be posting my answers to her questions on my blog, and hope that you will join me by making your own post, or leaving your answers to the following questions in the comment section below.

1. Mood: Annoyed. I have been wanting to get tickets for the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert that is coming to Toronto, for ages. Somehow I missed out on the original sell date, and now all of the tickets are going for $300+ each (which I can't/won't pay). Today I found someone who had really great seats that they were willing to sell for a really good price. The only problem? They weren't able to show me a picture of the tickets because they were at work, and wanted me to send the money via Western Union by 8pm tonight. It was all a little weird, so I mentioned that I didn't want to send money until I had proof that the tickets were real. Apparently, the seller didn't like that (probably because they were fake), so he wrote me an email saying that he was going to call the cops on me and post all over kijiji (like craig's list) that I was 'a hoax'. Huh?! Needless to say, I am back at square one. I am determined to go to this concert and refuse to give up. I will get tickets one way or another :) 

2. Who makes your favorite hand cream?: Vaseline Intensive Rescue Extra Strength. This is the only hand cream I use. It is unscented which I love, and it is not at all greasy or sticky. I keep a bottle on my bedside table and can't sleep until I have moisturized both my hands and feet (a little OCD, but whatever). 

3. What are your favorite slang words/phrases?: I can't really think of any. I say 'Oy Vey' a lot which is a Yiddish saying for 'oh no'. 

4. Are you able to do detailed desk work while listening to music?: Not too detailed. I can do things like formatting blog posts, or editing pictures while I am listening to music, but when it comes to actually writing a post, I need complete silence.

5. What’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?: Almost anything. I am a big eye roller, especially when listening to a lecture from my parents. 

6. What’s a makeup or beauty product that reminds you of someone?: I have a Mehron powder blush palette that I bought at IMATS NYC. I friend Camille bought the same one (at the same time) so I often think of her when using it. 

7. Where do you go for good ice cream?: Ice cream is my weakness, so there are a lot of good places out there. Right now I really like the London Ice Cream factory. They have a flavour called Black Raspberry Bugaboo which is AMAZING!

8. Would you rather see or be seen?: I would definitely rather see. 

9. Time to style your raggedy mop. Where do you go?: Haha, is it sad that I thought we were actually talking about a mop for a minute there? I'm tired! My friend Amanda has a small salon in her house called Cutz to Colour. She does a great job with my cut and colour and is extremely inexpensive (so much so that we tell her she needs to start charging more money!). 

10. Weekly goals: I would like to start posting good blog posts every day again. I managed to do it a couple of months ago and I need to make myself get back into the swing of things.  

If you decide to answer the questions, leave your responses or the link to your responses in the comment section below. 

Hope you all have a great week. 


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