Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lancôme Star Bronzer Palette in 'Bronze Essence'

Hey Everyone, 

As part of their Summer 2013 'Aquatic Summer Colour Collection', Lancôme has released their limited edition Star Bronzer Palette in 'Bronze Essence'. The palette, which consists of a coral-toned blush, a tan bronzer and a bronzed highlighter, can be used on any skin tone, giving the face a natural looking, sun-kissed glow. 

"Artistry made easy: Star Bronzer Palette offers three simple steps to tan, blush and highlight your complexion. For any skin tone, any face shape-your tan is magnified. The three powder formulas are silky smooth for an even application. They blend seamlessly and build from sheer to intense coverage. 

Thin, light, with a large mirror, this palette is purse friendly and works nicely for on-the-go touchups. While I personally didn't use the pamphlet that came with the palette, it would come in handy for those who aren't comfortable with contouring and highlighting the face, as it not only gives step by step instructions, it also has detailed pictures. 

The palette consists of the following three powders:

 Powder #1: Blush
A coral-pink with finely milled golden shimmer, the first powder in this palette reminds me a lot of NARS's infamous 'Orgasm' powder blush. Unlike, 'Orgasm', which I find to be chunky and difficult to blend, this blush is incredibly smooth and blends seamlessly into the skin for a 'lit from within', natural glow. 

This blush is very highly pigmented, meaning a little goes a long way, however, its smooth and creamy texture makes it easy to blend out for those who want a more subtle look. 

Powder #2: Bronzer
A light tan with brown undertones and fairly heavy gold shimmer, the second powder in this palette has absolutely no orange undertones (I hate looking orange!). What it does have, is a fair bit of shimmer which, unfortunately, draws attention to enlarged pores and imperfections (I really wish this bronzer was matte). 

The light tan colour of this bronzer works nicely on a variety of skin tones, as it can be easily blended out for fair skin or built up for darker skin. 

Powder #3: Highlighter
A gorgeous golden-bronze with very finely milled golden shimmer, the third powder in this palette is, in my opinion, the perfect summer highlighter as it gives skin a natural, lightly tanned glow. 

Highly pigmented and extremely smooth, this highlighter is easy to blend out and unlike the bronzer, does not emphasize large pores or imperfections. 

Overall, the blush and highlighter in this palette are absolutely stunning, very easy to work with and perfect for summer. However, for $45 CND I would have hoped to like all three powders in this palette equally. While the bronzer is the perfect colour for my fair skin, I don't like how its heavy shimmer highlights my already large pores and uneven skin tone. 

If you, like me, only like matte bronzers, this is probably isn't the palette for you. If however, you don't mind a little shimmer and want to achieve a natural looking sun-kissed glow this summer, definitely check out Lancôme's Star Bronzer Palette in 'Bronze Essence'. 

L-R: Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter

Will you be giving Lancôme's new 'Bronze Essence' Star Bronzer Palette a try? Do you prefer a matte or shimmering bronzer? What is your all time favourite bronzer? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below. 


  1. I'll be keeping an eye out for this palette but won't be hunting it down. Matte bronzers all the way, I love being pale so their only real use for me is to contour which is why I love my MAC Pure Sculpture and I'll probably sob like a toddler when it runs out (or drys up being a cream).

  2. What a pretty palette!I do prefer matte bronzers though.:)

  3. This is gorgeous and I am a fan of both shimmer and matte bronzers so I will be looking out for this :)

  4. I love the palette :)

  5. Sooo pretty! I love Lancome products - so luxe. Since I love shimmer, this might be a good one to try out for me :)

  6. I was tempted to try this out. I love it has everything you need for cheek colour!

    XO Nicole @ beautykissxo


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