Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Favourite 'Radiant Orchid' Products + Swatches

Hey Everyone, 

As most of you probably know by now, 'Radiant Orchid' a gorgeous pinky-purple is Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2014. In high school, 'Radiant Orchid' (or rather, purple) was my absolute favourite makeup shade and, I would lying if I said I didn't rock the purple eyeshadow look to school almost everyday. While I've tended to gravitate towards more neutral toned shadows the past couple of years, purple has remained one of  my favourite shades to wear on my cheeks, lips and nails. Taking inspiration from my past as well as my current beauty routine, I wanted to share my top 9 favourite 'Radiant Orchid' products: 

1) Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in 'Flush': One of my all time favourite blushes, Tarte's 'Flush' is incredibly soft and insanely well pigmented meaning only a touch of product is needed for a gorgeous radiant (orchid) flush of colour. 

2) MAC Blush Ombre in 'Vintage Grape':  An older blush from one of MAC's limited edition Sping collections, 'Vintage Grape' combines a deep, vampy plum with a lighter lavender for a gorgeous orchid shade that works beautifully in the Fall and Winter. 

3) Joe Fresh Nail Polish in 'Violet':  A deep violet with iridescent pink shimmer, Joe Fresh's 'Violet' nail polish applies opaquely in two coats, leaving nails with a stunning high-shine finish. 

4) MAC Eyeshadow in 'Vintage Grape':  A deep plummy purple with pink undertones and a hint of iridescent pink shimmer, Vintage Grape is the perfect shade for a colourful, yet slightly vampy smokey eye. 

5) MAC Eyeshadow in 'Stars N' Rockets': A light pinky-lavender with a strong iridescent blue sheen, 'Stars n' Rockets' is one of MAC's most interesting colours, and looks incredibly cool (think iridescent deep lavender-blue)  layered on top of a deep black cream shadow or eyeliner. 

6) Yaby Eyeshadow in 'es146': A bright fuchsia with strong purple undertones, this cute little eyeshadow (look how tiny it is!) is incredibly soft and very well pigmented making blue eyes (like mine) POP!

7) essence Stay With Me Lipgloss in 'Hottest Pink':  A somewhat deep fuschia with purple undertones and iridescent fuchsia shimmer, essence's 'Hottest Pink' applies thickly giving lips a nice dose of moisture (I love how buttery these glosses feel) and a beautiful pop of colour. 

8) Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in 'Pulsating':  An iridescent fuchsia-purple with a lighter fuschia sheen, Rimmel's 'Pulsating' applies opaquely in two coats leaving nails with a very cool iridescent finish (this would look amazing paired with the lipstick below.)

9) YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in '#19': My absolute favourite lipstick at the moment, YSL's #19, a bright pinky-purple, is, to me, the definition of 'Radiant Orchid'. Incredibly well pigmented, this lipstick soothes, protects and moisturizes lips leaving them bright and super glossy. Love!!

Flush, Vintage Grape Blush, Hottest Pink, #19 

Vintage Grape Eyeshadow, Stars n' Rockets (plain and over black), es146 

Violet, Pulsating

What are your favourite Radiant Orchid products? Any you think I need to check out? Will you be trying out any of my favourites? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below. 


  1. The blushes and the MAC eyshadows are so pretty *__* I can't get Tarte here, so I'll be looking for MAC :3
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  2. I can't even remember the last time I touched my Stars n' Rockets, might need to bring that back out this spring!

  3. Oh my goodness these swatches look amazing! I love this shade and there are so many ways to wear it. Beautiful swatches and great post!

  4. I'm so excited about this years colour! That blush from tarte is so pretty, I'm definitely gonna have to check it out. I've always been meaning to pick up Mac's stars n' rockets shadow for quite some time now. I think this year is the perfect time to go and grab it :) thanks for sharing!


  5. this is a great composition of items! i dont think i have quite this shade (but maybe a dig around the drawers will reveal differently).
    A Beautiful Zen


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